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Steve Allen Theater
at the Center For Inquiry West 4773 Hollywood Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90027
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David Lovering never meant to be a magician or a musician. In fact, he graduated from college with a degree in engineering, but a job building lasers was soon interrupted by the Pixies’ unforeseen pop success. Six years later, the Boston band split up and Lovering moved to Los Angeles, where he continued to play drums in various musical projects, including Cracker, Nitzer Ebb and Tanya Donelly’s band. Though uninitiated in the magical arts, Lovering had been introduced to magic in his adopted hometown of Los Angeles by local musician Grant-Lee Phillips.

After recording that final album with Possum Dixon, Rob Zabrecky returned home to Los Angeles and began diligently studying magic. He phoned an old friend from high school who had become a magician and began accompanying him as a guest to the Magic Castle. For the next few months, Zabrecky went to the Castle at every opportunity and eventually decided to audition for a membership of his own. After passing the audition and becoming a member, Zabrecky spent nearly all his free time at the Castle, most of it down in a basement library poring over dusty old books on the secret art. He was there so much, in fact, that when the librarian took a vacation, he asked Zabrecky to fill in, and eventually made him the substitute librarian, a post he still holds today.

Like Zabrecky, Lovering also began to spend most of his time up there once he became a member, learning from the many magicians who would perform both onstage and at the bar.

Just as Lovering has incorporated a love for science into his act, Zabrecky too has created his own personal style. Standing before an audience in a stark black suit, with piercing eyes, he explores a particular genre called “Mentalism,” which involves audience interaction, storylines and mind reading.

Recently, the Magic Castle newsletter featured an article on Zabrecky, Lovering, and another magician, called Fitzgerald. In true DIY fashion, the three of them, joined occasionally by a friend called “Handsome Jack,” have taken to performing unofficial shows every Friday night in an unused basement theater of the Castle, believing that the only way to truly perfect their craft is to perform constantly. The night management at the Castle began referring to them as “The Unholy Three” for their offbeat and irreverent performing styles. “It really is a new-wave, alternative, avant-garde kind of magic,” Lovering says. “In my show I make references to weed and masturbation. And while they don’t exactly frown upon us at the Castle, it’s definitely different from the stuffier atmosphere you tend to see there.”

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