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micah cover
Review from micah cover
Red Velvet 426 events 93 reviews

My second time, and still one of the best Escape Rooms EVER. Great plot that actually justifies the puzzles, terrific acting (ask for Doctor Ben), and ACTUAL VIRTUAL REALITY. AMAZNG! Hope they create more!

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micah cover
Review from micah cover
Red Velvet 426 events 93 reviews

One of the best escape rooms I've ever experienced. Virtual Reality, terrific acting and a plot that makes sense AND justifies the puzzles and countdown all converge to make this unforgettable. The puzzles are well thought out, and, unlike many...continued

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Review from Trish
63 events 36 reviews

What a fun way to spend an hour on a Sunday morning! We were grouped with 6 other people for this immersive & very well designed/executed escape game. The puzzles were challenging/cerebral, but still satisfying. Definitely would recommend for...continued

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Jenny Jeong
Review from Jenny Jeong
136 events 21 reviews

It's a difficult room so don't get discouraged if you fail. Loved the design and the ideas. VR introduction is fantastic!

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Ingrid Bradley
Review from Ingrid Bradley
60 events 15 reviews

It was sooooooooo much fun and a definite challenge. My husband and I are fairly intelligent and it was only the 2 of us and we completed over 50%. I imagine if we did it with a group we would have escaped!!!! We're going back and I'm confident we...continued

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Luiza Edinchikyan
Review from Luiza Edinchikyan
27 events 12 reviews

The best escape room! The use of VR and other tech, made this room so different than a previous escape room experience. We had so much fun, and would recommend anyone to try.

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Shawnn Morris Slaughter
Review from Shawnn Morris Slaughter
33 events 10 reviews

Most unique and exciting experience. I attended by myself and was in with a very fun and cooperative group. Our guide was most friendly and helpful.

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Melissa Kramer-Sarrett
Review from Melissa Kramer-Sarrett
16 events 9 reviews

Out of the many escape rooms I've done at this point, this one is in my top three! Very cool introduction and production value! Plus the puzzles are a good challenge but not impossible!

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Review from Pufifi
36 events 9 reviews

Super fun and difficult. We wanted a challenge and got one. Staff was great and the VR made the "story" that much more fun.
Parking was easy since everything shuts down at 5 in that area. Only issue was that it was too hot in the room. Would do...continued

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Review from Kvpsummer
63 events 9 reviews

The room is really fun and the tech elements give an extra boost of awesomeness.

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Angelia Bedford Walker
Review from Angelia Bedford Walker
21 events 7 reviews

It was fun and the people that work there are great. We had Tristen and he was fun and helpful. My group got down to the last puzzle when we died. Hope to come back and I will refer others

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Dipika Rana
Review from Dipika Rana
14 events 6 reviews

It was different in having an actor in the room with us. Jeff was great. The room itself was hard but a lot of fun. The VR experience was well done to help set the stage. Overall I would recommend. I don't know much about neighborhood in LA but...continued

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Review from Agoura0
14 events 5 reviews

Our First escape room. First, the neighborhood where the room is was a bit shady and and I felt not a lot of attention was made to the cleaniness of the site. The attendant seemed bored as hell. The room was very small and the door to the outside...continued

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Erika Martinez
Review from Erika Martinez
8 events 4 reviews

Fun and challenging.

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Review from MS
7 events 4 reviews

It was a great experience. It will not disappoint, but bring friends who are not shy collaborating and working with strangers.

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Joseph P.
Review from Joseph P.
10 events 4 reviews

We had a great time. The puzzles were VERY difficult. But everyone in the group brought something to the table. They told us we made it about 80% of the way. It was our first time. We'll be doing it again!

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Mary Choo Choo Train
Review from Mary Choo Choo Train
13 events 3 reviews

Fun experience. Our game master was Josh. You can tell how passionate he is. Most escape rooms that I’ve gone to has the game master outside and watching us over surveillance and giving us clues over a walkie talkie. This escape room, we had our...continued

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Alexandra Lazo
Review from Alexandra Lazo
43 events 3 reviews

Had a lot of fun and Tristan was awesome!! We escaped!! ?

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Yadi Presents...
Review from Yadi Presents...
96 events 3 reviews

One of the best escape rooms I have been to. Our host was fun and made the experience a great time for everyone!

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Nicole Jones-Dion
Review from Nicole Jones-Dion
4 events 2 reviews

Excellent room! Amazing production value... This is our third escape room and the experience was top-notch. Can't wait to see what these guys come up with next!

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