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Rhoda Pell
Review from Rhoda Pell
Red Velvet 514 events 101 reviews

Wonderful talent!

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Review from Howard
135 events 48 reviews

It was a fun show - not great but not bad.

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Review from Abehoro
49 events 13 reviews

There was great acting in this play. The venue was small, and you are right on top of the stage. The building smelled musty, but the comedy was fresh and funny. I would recommend this play to anyone, and hope it finds its way to a bigger better...continued

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Review from Tomack
36 events 10 reviews

Fantastic show! You realize there are a lot of talented people out there and so little space to become famous or big. The cast was phenomenal and I had a few big laughs. Show is only an hour long, but at this price what do you expect?

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Richard Brill
Review from Richard Brill
16 events 6 reviews

Good concept. Lot of funny moments. Music a little too loud, drowning out the singing, sometimes not a bad thing.

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CE Medina
Review from CE Medina
56 events 6 reviews

The cast did a great job. I thought the show tried to hard to be funny.

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Lesa Miller
Review from Lesa Miller
10 events 5 reviews

Current (although about the future) political humor, witty and creative! Gives us hope, despite the reality of it all!

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Dr. Laura
Review from Dr. Laura
14 events 3 reviews

From the music, to the singing and hoofing, this show is an energetic, hilarious tour de force. And isn't it nice to laugh out loud! Don't miss this wonderful show!

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Michael I. Haren
Review from Michael I. Haren
42 events 3 reviews

The fact that there is no elevator or escalator should be noted

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Review from Jess
54 events 3 reviews

Weak and rather cheesy. Ive been to second city many times, also in Toronto and Chicago this was def the weakest show i ever seen.

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Tommy Reyes
Review from Tommy Reyes
7 events 2 reviews

Awesome time! Super fun cast that had us laughing nonstop!

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Kandi DeCarlo
Review from Kandi DeCarlo
9 events 1 review

Comedy, singing, laughs!!! It was a fabulous show and the actors did a great job!!!! Whether you like or don't like Trump, you'll love this musical.

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Alvin Caballero Rodriguez
Review from Alvin Caballero Rodriguez
2 events 1 review

Excellent way to spend a Friday night out with friends! Made me laugh!

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Victor Moy
Review from Victor Moy
6 events 1 review

Great energetic cast. Enjoyable and nonstop funny evening satirizing our current political climate as it relates to the Trump administration.

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Robert Philbrick
Review from Robert Philbrick
0 events 1 review

Super awesome and entertaining show. Great comedic timing by all those involved, and the music was extremely well executed.

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Review from Mersk24
3 events 1 review

Wow, given that Second City usually turns out amazing shows, I was sorely disappointed. I half-laughed maybe twice in the show. No one else when I attended really was laughing either. It's a good concept but script and execution just falls flat.

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