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Rita Ruffin
Review from Rita Ruffin
Red Velvet 149 events 70 reviews


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Cynthia S.
Review from Cynthia S.
Red Velvet 233 events 27 reviews

The crime stuff was nicely mixed with social history which made for a rich experience. West Adams is a neighborhood that all Angelenos should know about since it played such a major role in the city's history. Tour guides Richard and Kim were...continued

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Betsy W.
Review from Betsy W.
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Was interesting but the bus left late and stopped too long in the park.
Another feature that could have been done without was a lady who sang with a yukelali and was annoying.
The crime stuff was interesting.

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Gloria Keating
Review from Gloria Keating
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Had a great time, visited Marvin Gaye's house and learned the details of his tragic death. Caught a glimpse of the church were Jim Jones preached. Visited Rosedale Cemetary where we saw huge monuments, several shaped like pyramids. Also visited...continued

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Constance Bonheur Chanel
Review from Constance Bonheur Chanel
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Our tour guides we're quite the characters themselves! They are very passionate about their job and very informed. In fact, they're such knowledgeable L.A. historians that they tend to go off on some awesome tangents but are really good about...continued

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Review from Andrea
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The tour was around the West Adams area of Los Angeles and we went to different locations and learned of true crimes that were committed there, generally during the early part of the 20th century. The husband and wife team are very passionate and...continued

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Jacky Walker
Review from Jacky Walker
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So interesting and very informative. The houses along the tour are charming and beautiful and its sad that so many have been replaced by modern buildings. I was impressed by the guides' obsession with keeping everyone hydrated. LOL.

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Claudette Baker
Review from Claudette Baker
11 events 4 reviews

I should have stayed home and watched the crime channel...I would have been more entertained.The singing lady has got to go! I won't be going on any other crime bus tours.They had cake for all of us to eat,it was the shinning spot of the day...if...continued

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Deborah A.
Review from Deborah A.
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Some of the stories were interesting, but it was a very long 4 hours. Although the tour was supposed to concentrate on older stories, we heard a lengthy account of the murder of Marvin Gaye in 1984. We also stopped by several locations where there...continued

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Review from Karin
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The bus was great, and we got to see a lot of great old houses, and also hear about some social history instead of just crime scenes

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Heather Sabin
Review from Heather Sabin
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This event definitely had a LOT of work behind it, from the research they had done looking through old newspapers to find the events, to mapping it out, to showing slides of newspaper photos on the bus screens, they thoughtfully used a huge bus...continued

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Goldstar Member
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I enjoyed it and the information provided was thorough and fun. As a bit of an architecture geek, however, I would have loved to hear more about the buildings and neighborhoods we stopped at as well as the crime stories. Also, the tour...continued

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Jeremy Kasten
Review from Jeremy Kasten
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It is one of the greatest Saturday's in Los Angeles. I will be going on all of their tours in the future. Amazing!

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Review from dsperry
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This is the second tour I've been on. It's a fun four hours of cool sites and information about the sometimes not-so-pleasant history of L.A.

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Heather King
Review from Heather King
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We had a good time. Great way to see the city in a different way.

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Review from GLEN ARAKAWA
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Wish that more of the sites had the structure where the crime took place. It was not very interesting to look at a vacant lot or parking lot while listening to the narration. Tour guides appeared to be disorganized at times. Coffee was lukewarm.

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