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Review from dumper
Red Velvet 11 events 3 reviews

Hokey but entertaining and fun.

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Review from Guest
238 events 69 reviews

Too much fun for words. I NEVER thought I'd enjoy something like this, but it great. The set and acting really transports you. It's hard to believe that you're still in Jersey. The fact that they "knight" children before the performance was...continued

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Review from SusanW
224 events 61 reviews

Got these tics for my twenty-something nephew and his girlfriend...they cannot stop raving about what a fun time they had! They loved the torture chamber (gross but fascinating)...they said the knights and the horses were very skilled and...continued

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Shellie Gaines
Review from Shellie Gaines
110 events 49 reviews

Very entertaining!

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Review from Lou
66 events 43 reviews

A fantastic family event for children and adults of all ages. I brought my 3&6 year old grandchildren and they were awed from the time we entered the "gift corral" until the end. The josting and fighting were so physical and powerful and that...continued

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Review from aramat16
83 events 41 reviews

While a lot is put into this dinner theater and I did have fun, there were some down sides. Mainly, the food. It was so greasy and not very flavorful.... eating with my hands was unpleasant. It's also a little geared towards children.

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Thomasine Morales
Review from Thomasine Morales
51 events 37 reviews

Love this, we go once a year...

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Alexandra Vivanco
Review from Alexandra Vivanco
48 events 25 reviews

The show was fun and the food was good. Great day to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon. We go every year.

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Antonio F.
Review from Antonio F.
46 events 23 reviews

This event was very fun with friends.

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Alice Fisher Rubin
Review from Alice Fisher Rubin
48 events 22 reviews

We were three senior citizen couples without grandkids and we all had a ball. We wore our crowns like everyone else and cheered our hero on and booed at the bad guy. The performance was well done. Most surprisingly was the quantity and quality...continued

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Review from Elene
79 events 21 reviews

Great family entertainment. Highly recommend. Be prepared to spend big $$$$ as the kids will want several of the items that are being sold. Overall, a good event.

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Review from JLC
37 events 20 reviews

THe horsemanship and joustilng were of the highest skill levels . The show emphasize the respectful relationship of manand horse. The show was wonderful/ The food was very good. The vegetarian lasagna less so than the ribs and steamed veggies....continued

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Joann Detelj
Review from Joann Detelj
24 events 20 reviews

Haven't been to this event in about 12 years. Wasn't as good as it used to be, but I still enjoyed myself. Make sure you clean off the plate and soup bowl, they were really dirty. Also beware, while you are eating they have a bird fly around above...continued

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Mariam Jean
Review from Mariam Jean
20 events 20 reviews

it was amazing!!!!! great choice for family activity, celebrating or just having really, really good time. All ages will enjoy equally. Dress nice, but comfortable, seats are little tight

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Review from Lxfan
32 events 20 reviews

With Goldstar it is a great deal. Food wasn't as bad as expected, and our party of 4 were given great seats. Try the mead!

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Review from maria
36 events 19 reviews

Had the best time ever. Took 1 of the Peeps for her b-day. We all had such a blast

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Trox Troxler
Review from Trox Troxler
51 events 17 reviews

It was awesome. It's fun for all ages. I took my son (10yrs) and my father (79yrs) for their birthdays and they both loved it. The price was right and the atmosphere screamed fun. I will definitely recommend this to others.

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Miriam Brennan
Review from Miriam Brennan
28 events 16 reviews

It was a fun show. The horses where such actors! The food was a bit undercooked for my taste but all in all tasty.

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The Show
Review from The Show
102 events 14 reviews

Had a great time with the kids and their uncle.

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anna paraskevopoulos
Review from anna paraskevopoulos
26 events 14 reviews

i went with my boyfriend and we both had a great time... its fun!!! the food is good too... dress comfy... nothing to dress up for

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