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anna paraskevopoulos
Review from anna paraskevopoulos
26 events 14 reviews

i went with my boyfriend and we both had a great time... its fun!!! the food is good too... dress comfy... nothing to dress up for

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Review from Jai
25 events 14 reviews

It's definitely an experience, children of ages 8-12 seemed to be having a blast. I recommend giving it a one time shot for the experience. Drinks need a lot more alcohol for the price.

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Arlene Grushewsky
Review from Arlene Grushewsky
19 events 14 reviews

My grandchildren really enjoyed themselves. However, the sound wasn't good. All you could hear were the shouts, which were people having fun, but the voices of the speakers were not clear and audible. The food was good and it was a really...continued

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Arlene Grushewsky
Review from Arlene Grushewsky
19 events 14 reviews

This is my fourth trip to celebrate birthdays of grandchildren. This most recent visit was a special request by twin granddaughters who asked specifically to go again since they had so much fun for last year's birthday. While it is a great deal...continued

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Julie Kvyatkovsky
Review from Julie Kvyatkovsky
30 events 14 reviews

This was an excellent idea. The performance (knights tournament) is really cool - beautifully staged and my 4/5 y.o nephew was in awe. The only thing is that the sound was a bit muffled and it was difficult to hear due to that and an accent. ...continued

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Melissa Dorset
Review from Melissa Dorset
28 events 13 reviews

Perfect family event enjoyable for kids and adults. I went with a party of 14, and we were able to sit in the same row to chant for our knight. The excitement on the kids faces was priceless and made everything worthwhile! Food was plentiful, the...continued

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Review from cmac923
39 events 13 reviews

Unfortunately, I arrive a bit late, so I couldn't take advantage of the pre-show activities and sales. But, the main event-the show and dinner was great. Dinner was filling and the show was realistic and entertaining.

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Review from doraron
19 events 12 reviews

i had a lot of fun there even though i am not a kid anymore. the show and horses was fun and the food was good.

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Review from TedFink
16 events 12 reviews

I have to say that this was way beyond my expectations!
Right away you are greeted as "My Lord" and "My Lady" and are treated as such in a very friendly and courteous way by all.
This fosters a very friendly relationship among the other guests,...continued

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Review from jufi788
15 events 11 reviews

I've visited other Medieval Times..I thought this program was subpar to the others but the important thing was that the kids enjoyed the show and had a wonderful time.

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Review from Randee
18 events 11 reviews

It is something everyone shouold do once. It was a lot of fun and the food was much better than expected. Service was good and the experience worth it.

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Peter M
Review from Peter M
14 events 11 reviews

My family had a great time at this event. My grandson couldn't take his eyes off the entertainment. This was a funfilled day that I highly recommend. The staff was terrific! Good Job !!!

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Zoila P.
Review from Zoila P.
28 events 11 reviews

Took my son, Goddaughter and their friend and they loved it. The show was longer than I thought but very entertaining. It is one of those things I can take off of our bucket list. Food was generous portions and served with military precission. The...continued

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Review from ggirla
17 events 10 reviews
Review from Donnette
37 events 10 reviews

Didnt know what to expect.We went hoping it was great. Wow!!! Great!! Good for all ages. Enjoyed it to the fullest. Its a must go.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
14 events 10 reviews

I brought my two Nieces, 17yrs & 9yrs. My 19yr old niece and a fun time but my 9yr old said she was bored. I had a good time. The food was horrible thou, we went to eat at a restaurent afterwards. Overall it was an experience. There was no...continued

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Sharon Barrow
Review from Sharon Barrow
21 events 10 reviews

The kids had a great time !!! something everyone should do once !

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Annemarie Golden
Review from Annemarie Golden
57 events 10 reviews

The show was fun. We took our five year old grandson for his birthday. Let me preface the rest of my comment by saying this was not GoldStars fault. We did have a problem at admission. I followed the instructions and arrived 90 minutes before show...continued

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gavin wellsman
Review from gavin wellsman
33 events 10 reviews

This is a great fun for all ages and families. The food is tasty but be prepared to make a mess. A bit tough to get to if you live in Manhattan we had to get a taxi each way.

For the price on Goldstar it is very good value for money.

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Review from Tonmilv
17 events 9 reviews

Great show, i had good time. food was good (a lot of food). great price for goldstar

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