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Review from JuJu
24 events 9 reviews

I took my son here for his 18th birthday. He had been here when he was in grammar school and remembered that he had a lot of fun. I was glad he told me what to expect. It was fun being called "my lady" and "my lord". The entertainment was...continued

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Review from Clement
13 events 9 reviews

The event was a blast, it was certainly fun and different. It's something I've always wanted to experience and it far exceeded my expectations.

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Kim, NYC
Review from Kim, NYC
11 events 9 reviews

The story of the show changed from the last time we were here (2007). Liked it better 4 years ago with the scorceror. The princess had a Jersy accent - something like "Jersey Shore." The food was really really good! Our server did a great...continued

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All About A Good Time
Review from All About A Good Time
14 events 9 reviews

this place was super fun and the vegetarian plate was super yum. my boyfriend said that his chicken was the best that he ever had. please note that with the veggie plate, you can eat with the forks that are provided.

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Lyubov L.
Review from Lyubov L.
16 events 9 reviews

This was the first time I attended Medieval Times and I went with a group of 9 people. Everyone had a good time overall. The food was good and the best part was eating with your hands (no utensils) The show was good also.

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Review from auntieno47
14 events 9 reviews

WE had a terrific time!! my grand children (ages 8&9) were thrilled!! food was suprisingly good, but small portions. Nice clean facilities and good parking. Dylan said "best show i ever saw!!"

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Review from Diva1227
14 events 8 reviews

Decent. I wouldn't go back twice.

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Veronica Manning
Review from Veronica Manning
16 events 8 reviews

I have two sons, 11 and 13, and they had a great time at this event..especially the younger one. if you pay a little extra, you can get knighted by the King, which i highly recommend for a birthday keepsake. the show was interesting and held my...continued

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Review from Genadiy
15 events 8 reviews

I went to this with my brother and my two nephews (4 and 6 y/o) and we all loved the show. The food was really good, though the chicken was a bit more spicy then I like, but that's a personal preference. Great show to bring kids to.

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Nector Santiago
Review from Nector Santiago
11 events 8 reviews

It was awesome and its great for any age. We went for my 32nd Bday and we had a blast.

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K. M. B.
Review from K. M. B.
12 events 8 reviews

Lots of fun. We went for my son's 12th birthday. The kids had a lot of fun cheering for their knight. We had a group of 15 and were asked to pre-pay the 20% gratuity, which we did. The server though was on top of us to tip some more which was...continued

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Francine V Davis
Review from Francine V Davis
54 events 8 reviews

Medieval Times was delightful. A family oriented extravaganza. I took my 6 year old niece and 7 year old nephew and it was breathtaking to watch their expressions as the magic of the day unfolded.

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Review from chaker64
19 events 8 reviews

My sons and I enjoyed it alot. I took my boys for mother's day and had a good time. the food was decent and the entertainment was different. But when asked if they enjoyed, my boys said yes. that is all that matters

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Review from lin
18 events 8 reviews

This was a birthday gift to my husband so the kids, their spouses & the grandson came as well. Everyone loved it. The 3 yr old watched the show wide eyed and with a giant grin. The 30 somethings ooohed & aahed like little kids. Hubby got to eat...continued

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Jimmy C.
Review from Jimmy C.
18 events 7 reviews

For the price that Goldstar is offering for this event, it's pretty fun, even if you're an adult. Some of these other reviews say that it's fun for kids. That's true, that's 100% true, because when you get there, that's all you see, a bunch of...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
13 events 7 reviews

Fun for all the family.
Good food.
A little noisy for babies.

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Review from Cmatos
13 events 7 reviews

Great show,real family atmosphere, and even the food was not that bad!!

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Review from nekesha25
19 events 7 reviews

Had a great time. Food was pretty good.

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Review from y2ez
16 events 7 reviews

It definitely a place for the kids and for the bros if you just want a place to act the fool. As far a place for a date is concerned, it could be a good first date but it could bite you in the back if she's not playful.

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Luxurious Diva
Review from Luxurious Diva
12 events 7 reviews

It was so different and fun. The food was delicious and you had to eat it with your hands like back in the days. The show itself was great and I will definetly go back. Kids would love to be at this event also.

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