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Susan Sukenik
Review from Susan Sukenik
26 events 7 reviews

Medieval Times is a really entertaining experience especially if you are with someone who is into this period of time.My 22 year old son loved it and so did his friends.

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Awilda Perez Zapata
Review from Awilda Perez Zapata
33 events 7 reviews

My boys loved the show, I will recomended as a family event. The food was good, but no child menu, they hardly touch it.
The only problem was that we got there 90 min early thinking we will get good seats and end up on the last row.

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Review from ililxkitty
68 events 7 reviews

The event ran about 2.5 hours. The food was better than expected, and yes you do have to eat with your hands, but a wet-nap is provided at the end of your meal. Also the bar stayed open throughout the entire show. If you're going with a large...continued

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Stephanie Pollard
Review from Stephanie Pollard
11 events 7 reviews

We all had a great time. The service was perfect, the performances were right-on, and the horses and falcon were incredible. Sadly, the house was half-empty. My friends and I agree that this place could become really popular again if they did a...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
9 events 7 reviews

Well done -- good story, exciting "games", well-paced so there were no boring down times, pre-show activites and displays were interesting, and even the food was good. A unique entertainment that delivers. It was my second visit, and I wasn't...continued

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Review from jonathan
28 events 6 reviews

excellent time. me and my wife had a exciting time. great for kids aswell

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Fr Goofy
Review from Fr Goofy
16 events 6 reviews

Good family experience but somewhat pricey. They do "nickel and dime" you which can make the experience problematic for some adults. They do provide enough food, even for a 13 yr. old with a voracious appetite.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
15 events 6 reviews

Great for kids, great way to spend time with your family. They are also great for birthdays.

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Review from travelkids
18 events 6 reviews

Included Menu: tomato soup, roast chicken quarter, rib, foccacia bread, apple strudel all eaten with no utensils, all good. Pepsi soft drinks and coffee are also included.
Entertainment was good-knights competing in sword fights, jousting,-- you...continued

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Review from Gen
19 events 6 reviews

Plenty of food even with sharing for the lap baby...only negative was the information said "seating, first come first serve" but as it turns out, I think to get there later would have been better. We arrived one-half hour before doors opened and...continued

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Review from Budgetgirlc
20 events 6 reviews

The show was and interactive. Very entertaining. The food was really good, more than enough. I think everyone would enjoy this show adults and children alike. It was very easy to travel to as well. The staff and service is great.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
14 events 6 reviews

The sword fighting and jousting was exciting and interesting. The falconry was unbelievable. The white horses were beautiful. My food was really dry. I did like the tomato bisque and focaccia bread. As reported by my 10 year (almost 11 year old)...continued

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Review from Eliza
11 events 6 reviews

This is a great place for kids of all ages. Easy to get to from the city. Lots of food and fun. If you are doing it for a Birthday, call the reservation hotline, you can upgrade to a celebration package that includes front row seating and...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
8 events 6 reviews

This was my first time there with my 4 year old son and it was a nice place. After you receive your paper crown and you take a picture with the king and queen you enter the waiting area where they have things for you to purchase, exhibits and...continued

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Review from KeeKe
10 events 6 reviews

Very Entertaining Battle! Loved the "No Utensils" hands only dining!

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Cristian Alexander
Review from Cristian Alexander
15 events 6 reviews

Very Fun...Good time with a large group.

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Ruth Michelov
Review from Ruth Michelov
8 events 6 reviews

we had a great time, all was good from beginning to end, lots of fun for the family.

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Lawrence R.
Review from Lawrence R.
10 events 6 reviews

With the Goldstar discount the price was right. The show is good fun for all ages. The food was good although it is a lot of food for younger children.

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Anita Khaloo
Review from Anita Khaloo
16 events 5 reviews

9 attended and we all loved it! The agse ranged from 24-40. The food was excellent and its worth the pricel; can't top dinner and a tournament!! The staff/our server were incredible, the audience hyped, overall the energy was phenomenal. I will...continued

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Braulio Navarro Orabona
Review from Braulio Navarro Orabona
6 events 5 reviews

a lot of fun.
For the price it was well worth it.


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