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Review from drmudslide
7 events 5 reviews

Despite the fact that we were there as 4 adults, w/out any children, it was a fun event! There was tons of food, which was surprisingly good, & we did not feel the need to pay for any of the extras (though there were lots of them). The doors...continued

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Review from Citygirl
18 events 5 reviews

Great family event for all ages. Went for my mom's birthday and we enjoyed it so much. Here' a tip: arrive early! We arrived 30 min prior to the event but were seated in the final row. The view was good but the servers kept coming and going in...continued

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John Lindemann
Review from John Lindemann
5 events 5 reviews

had a very good time it was a lot of fun,the food was just ok not great it's what you would expect in that kind of setup

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Bonnie Anderson
Review from Bonnie Anderson
9 events 5 reviews

It was a great night with enough story to make the fighting & horses make sense. There are lots of extras to purchase but it is not high pressure.

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Gina Iabonni- DeSalvio
Review from Gina Iabonni- DeSalvio
5 events 5 reviews

It was nice but very loud. I felt that it might be a little scary for younger kids.... It's a must see once in your lifetime.

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Review from kmcgeev
7 events 5 reviews

Medieval Times did not disapppoint, it was a hiliarous night of drinks and revelry. It was difficult to understand the narrator but the show itself was entertaining enough. It was fun to have a specific knight to root for depending on the...continued

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Catherine Q
Review from Catherine Q
21 events 5 reviews

My daughter and I both loved the show.
The dinner and service were both excellent. (Not used to eating with my hands but it was still fun.)
We have already told quite a few friends to experience the evening.
Keep up the good work, we'll be...continued

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Review from Clara
15 events 5 reviews

My son & I love the show it was a nice experience, the museum of torture amazing hard to believe how people were torture & the whole thing was very very nice. My son & I had a great time.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
10 events 5 reviews

The concept is great! I took 3 children that had no idea about castles,sword fighting,or defending the king's honor. They do now. They loved it so much! I'm so happy to teach them somthing new. My nephew was impressed with the horsemanship. When...continued

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Review from Lisa
8 events 5 reviews

This event is a lot of fun for everyone. It gives you a good excuse to behave badly. =) The food is surprisingly good for an event such as this. Just be sure to take a bunch of friends or lots of family.

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edward ferraro
Review from edward ferraro
11 events 5 reviews

We had a wonderful time. The dinner and show was excellent. I would recommend this to everyone regardless of age!!

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Lori B.
Review from Lori B.
10 events 5 reviews

What I thought was an exhibit turned out to be a gift shop - soooo many gift shops! Not enough educational oportunities.

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Review from Goldstar Member
13 events 5 reviews

Wow my friends and I had a great deal of fun

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Paula Genet
Review from Paula Genet
49 events 4 reviews

A little too cheesy for me, but my 9 year old loved it. My 11 year old said the best part was the apple turnover. My 14 year old put on his ipod during the show. My husband said it was the equivalent of WWF wrestling with medieval costumes...oh...continued

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Review from Goldstar Member
4 events 4 reviews

attended the 4:30 pm show on a saturday. cheese factor was very low & entertainment factor high. food was enjoyable & so were the drinks. i had a great time watching the beautiful horses, the knights (who were also quite beautiful, haha) and the...continued

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Review from Moviegoer
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Review from Goldstar Member
12 events 4 reviews

fantastic event

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Brielle Slate
Review from Brielle Slate
7 events 4 reviews

Goldstar gave us perfect seats! We were right up front even though the show was fairly full. Our knight even won!

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Review from Goldstar Member
5 events 4 reviews

Good time, very relaxed!

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Elizabeth Bartmann
Review from Elizabeth Bartmann
8 events 4 reviews

great experience! this is one of those events that i would go again and again! you have to eat with your hands, but they give you easy food to do that with.

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