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The kids love it...it's a fun night out. The food is OK...say better than say an Applebees but not by much....the service and set up is excellent. For the amount of people they have to serve... it is almost amazing how the food and service is...continued

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Judy Biggins
Review from Judy Biggins
7 events 4 reviews

The show really delighted my 11 year old son - he found it exciting. We will go again in the future. The food was very good and they gave you a lot so you don't go home hungry.

The service was very good and we did tip the server as suggested.

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Review from Uvie
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This event is GREAT for any age.

They have alcoholic beverages but their margaritas, pina coladas etc etc are realllly weak. I had a big cup (more than 20oz) and not even a buzz. So either pregame or stick to the beer.

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Sandra Brown Nussenblatt
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13 events 4 reviews

This is fun entertainment for both children and adults.

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7 events 4 reviews

This was our first time there. My self my granddaughters, husband and two daughters had the greatest time ever.

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Jimmy D
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We had a great time ! Food and service was good and the show was good as well . Great for all ages ! Their really isnt a bad seat in the house but if you get their early you can get seats closer to the ring and when they throw stuff out to the...continued

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Maria K
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Word of warning - I felt this was almost 100% for the kids. Actors did their best, but I think the horses and the live falcon were the best performers of everyone.

Food was great! However, I spent most of the show waiting for a drink server...continued

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Barbara Grant
Review from Barbara Grant
3 events 3 reviews

An enjoyable, well-staged event. Good family outing.

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Review from AllaB
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Do not waste your money on this! Really. Overpriced show and meal. Super expensive gift shops and bars. Watered down drinks. "4 course meal" consisted of tomato soup (from a can I am sure!), 1 small slice of garlic bread, 1/2 roast chicken, 1...continued

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Review from Bmheston
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For kids 5-10, boys & girls no doubt. Nice business formula. Everyone eats w/ their hands. We don't have kids & we loved it. Horses were great & the show was cute. Better than dinner in front of the tv, that's for sure.

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Review from Andrea
9 events 3 reviews

Fun for all ages. food was good and there was a vegetarian choice.

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Iris Hernandez
Review from Iris Hernandez
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Get ready to spend money! Luckily we got discounted tickets via Goldstar but once you arrive Medieval Times trys to sell you things nonstop! A group photo, swords, shields, jewlery and all kinds of glowing devices for kids, alcoholic drinks and...continued

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Zuleyka Puente
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Get there ON TIME!!!!

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Kimberly Mccracken
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Great as always. Stage fighting seemed even better than other locations and they had more horse demonstrations.

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Review from Breda
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Great day out. Took my sister and my 7 year old newphew visiting from Ireland to this and he was awestruck. Loved every minute of it. My sis and I were equally entertained. Definately worth the money.

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Review from Michael
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Great fun. Vegetarian friendly.

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Ieasha Page
Review from Ieasha Page
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Great Show me and my kids LOVE IT!!!!!

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Rosa Elena Vasquez
Review from Rosa Elena Vasquez
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Had a great time watching the yellow knight win! It was entertaining for the whole family, and adults alike. Amazing choreography and stunts. The only problem was the bbq ribs being too fatty. Great place to go so I highly recommend!

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Review from mls0324
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Had an absolute blast for my friend's 26th birthday! Great event for any age. The food was absolutely amazing and the show was very entertaining. If you're leaving from Manhattan give yourself plenty of time to catch the bus from Port Authority....continued

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Review from marcfemenella
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I decided to go to Medieval Times with some friends for my birthday. We kind of went as a joke expecting a hokey, outdated (and overpriced) experience. But we were pleasantly surprised to find a clean "castle," friendly staff and genuinely...continued

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