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me me
Review from me me
8 events 2 reviews

Beautiful boat, deeply knowledgeable guide, plus a free glass of beer, champagne or wine.

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Review from Za-law
63 events 2 reviews

Great tour. Perfect way too see the landmarks with interesting commentary.

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Barbara Dunn
Review from Barbara Dunn
13 events 2 reviews

I purchased this as a gift as I went on the tour several years ago and enjoyed it immensely. The boat was lovely and tour guide from AIA very informative. Great activity that I highly recommend.

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Review from Linda
4 events 2 reviews

Lovely boat, service and great guide describing the architectural sites.
Even for this native New Yorker, interesting new info to learn!

Nice wine, and kind of them to let you bring a small snack, though I bought a humus plate.

Rock Auntie

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Review from hystrix
46 events 2 reviews

Very knowledgeable guide. Tour was well coordinated. Overall great

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Mike Stone
Review from Mike Stone
4 events 2 reviews

Would have liked more info on the architecture. Also, the sound system was poor on the deck - had to be right Asst the speaker to hear clearly

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Review from CatLeo58
8 events 1 review

Awesome tour !!! Great identification of buildings by architectural intern. Beautiful to see NYC from this vantage point. DO NOT need to be a student of architecture to enjoy. Highly recommend

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Omar Castro
Review from Omar Castro
1 event 1 review

informative, enjoyable, memorable,

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Tari-Lynn Fearney Joyce
Review from Tari-Lynn Fearney Joyce
6 events 1 review

It was great being on the water on a hot September afternoon. The commentary was clear and interesting. My friend and I had no problem hearing everything while sitting outside. Seeing the city from a different vantage point was a real treat!

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Review from jpetey
14 events 1 review

It was very good just like the tour description indicated

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Review from roznickels
17 events 1 review

Perfectly pleasant and interesting. Great views of NYC and anecdotes of NYC history. Crew and tour guide (architect) were all wonderful.

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Emelia Barbanel
Review from Emelia Barbanel
2 events 1 review

The day was lovely, the talk interesting and engaging, the views spectacular.

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Carole Schwarz
Review from Carole Schwarz
3 events 1 review

The presenter from AIA was knowledgeable and the whole experience for my family(local NYers) was a lot of fun.

The boat was beautiful and more importantly the crew were great!

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Joel Maxman
Review from Joel Maxman
0 events 1 review

The tour guide was excellent. Thank you.

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Darby McHugh
Review from Darby McHugh
4 events 1 review

The tour surpassed my expectations. Truly a beautiful boat with a lovely crew. I learned so much and the glass of wine was the cherry on the cake. (It was difficult for me to hear every word of the tour - but I am deaf in one ear so I was at a...continued

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Carolina Gonzalez Buendia
Review from Carolina Gonzalez Buendia
1 event 1 review

This is one of those experience you don't want to be too enthusiastic rating an event because of part of the charm is that it wasn't crowded. The information was precise and really clear and the staff was beyond nice. We had amazing weather ad...continued

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Review from Brent
1 event 1 review

This was a very neat informative tour. Enjoyed every minute of it!

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Judy Kerman Isserlis
Review from Judy Kerman Isserlis
10 events 1 review

This was the most wonderful tour. Our guide Doug was unbelievably knowledgeable, but was also able to communicate and explain the history and sites of the buildings very well. We will go again.

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Review from farmgirl
11 events 1 review

We had an amazing, knowledgeable guide! Such a wonderful experience to get this view and perspective on NYC! Well worth the price!

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