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H. Gold
Review from H. Gold
Red Velvet 693 events 218 reviews

OUTSTANDING, as last time!!!!!

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H. Gold
Review from H. Gold
Red Velvet 693 events 218 reviews

We loved it!!! Wonderful crew, brunch, sights, weather - what more do you want? Highly recommendable!!

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Review from JOY BROSNAN
121 events 84 reviews

I have gone on many brunch cruises with this company. They are consistently good because of the helpful friendly crew and the really good food. I went the day after a snowstorm that was very cold .
After climbing over snowbanks in the city to...continued

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Review from Lucia
46 events 29 reviews

We had a fabulous time. The crew was so attentive and friendly. The food was delicious, and there was plenty to get as many plates as you wish. Of course, the views from the cruise were spectacular. Great pictures.

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Antonio F.
Review from Antonio F.
46 events 23 reviews

A wonderful event as always

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Review from Ruth
41 events 15 reviews

This is a must do. The views are fantastic, the boat and crew great . . . and the food - wow, what can I say, it was just delicious!! Last year we took their architectural tour which was also great, so decided to try the brunch cruise and weren't...continued

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Sylvia Jasso
Review from Sylvia Jasso
58 events 14 reviews

It was out of this world

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Review from Pamela
24 events 11 reviews

I was kinda nervous when booking this because I booked it as a bday gift for my boyfriend and invited 7 other people. The boat in pictures looks kinda small and I was afraid it'd be very crowded but it wasn't. Everyone on board was able to walk...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
19 events 11 reviews

My husband and I had a wonderful time! We enjoyed everything. The food was outstanding and the view was amazing! Would do it again.

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Suzanne Turoff Fine
Review from Suzanne Turoff Fine
18 events 11 reviews

This was an unexpected pleasure. From the time we boarded this magnificente ship untill we disembarked the crew was pleasant & efficient. The ad said bagles, rolls & danish. Oh my what an under exaggeration. The food was some of the best I have...continued

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Tyrone Macias
Review from Tyrone Macias
46 events 11 reviews

We had our brunch while there was a rainstorm going on outside, but we were warm, dry and comfortable the whole time. The yacht is very roomy and we could move about with ease. The food was fabulous, four courses, lox and bagels and mini...continued

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Helene C.
Review from Helene C.
23 events 9 reviews

Beautiful boat, beautiful views, lots of delicious food. Thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience!

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
13 events 9 reviews

Fabulous! The weather was perfect for a cruise and we enjoyed every moment. It was a gift for a first-time visitor to the NY area. The food was great, as was the crew...very helpful and pleasant. It was our second trip with you and we plan to...continued

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Review from Hillary
30 events 9 reviews

I'm sure this cruise would be interesting to some people, but 3 hours was just too long to spend on this cruise. After the first hour myself and my companions started to get restless. I would not recommend this cruise for young children as there...continued

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Helene C.
Review from Helene C.
23 events 9 reviews

It was a perfect day, sailing around Manhattan on a beautiful boat, enjoying a delicious and abundant brunch. We've done it four times and enjoyed it every time.

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Helene C.
Review from Helene C.
23 events 9 reviews

It was a wonderful cruise around Manhattan. The food was good, the yacht is beautiful and cozy, and the captain pointed out lots of interesting sights, including the new waterfalls. We've done it twice and would do it again.

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Helene C.
Review from Helene C.
23 events 9 reviews

The brunch was presented beautifully and the cruise around Manhattan was great. The crew was friendly and attentive. All in all, we had a wonderful day.

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Review from Goldstar00
17 events 8 reviews

Loved it . . . This was one of the best outings you can have in New York City. It was a perfect day . . . A vintage yacht with excellent food in a private setting and excellent service. I will do it again on my next trip to NYC. I recommend you...continued

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Review from LucieBJumpnFun
13 events 8 reviews

Totally Amazing!!
We felt like superstars!!

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Paulie Srinuan
Review from Paulie Srinuan
23 events 7 reviews

as mentioned by other members, dont stuff yourselves immediately. there is more and more food that comes out. the staff was friendly and the trip was a bargain for what you paid. would highly recommend to anyone from out of town or any NY'ers

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