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Carol H.
Review from Carol H.
15 events 7 reviews

Beautiful cruise completely around the island. Smooth sailing, and they had my reservation on their list. Was disappointed that there was no narrative explaining what we wre seeing. Brunch was good. Crew very nice.

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Martina P.
Review from Martina P.
55 events 7 reviews

We were really surprised!!
Great food, a wonderful cruise and the crew are very nice people!
It has nothing to do with a tourist-tour!
We (4 people) enjoied it very much!!


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Review from shirley
34 events 7 reviews

What an amazingly beautifiul way to spend last Saturday!!! I have told more people about Goldstar for the specific purpose of being able to afford themselves the various boat trips Classic Harbor Line announces via Goldstar. THE FOOD WAS...continued

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Mary F. Bonnett
Review from Mary F. Bonnett
14 events 7 reviews

Wonderful beautiful day. Scrumptious food and plentiful...great sight seeing around Manhattan from the water. Captain was informative and charming. Great day.

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Brian Rayner
Review from Brian Rayner
21 events 6 reviews

It was definitely a nice way to see Manhattan. Relaxing and he food was good. My only complaint was that it was harder to eat because there was limited table space due to there being multiple families on the day we went. Otherwise we really did...continued

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Review from KD
6 events 6 reviews

My husband and I took a couple of family members visiting on this cruise and we all loved it! I've lived in NYC for 6 years and have done plenty of touristy things over the years, but this is absolutely one of my favorites. Nothing like seeing the...continued

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Gabriel Celis
Review from Gabriel Celis
20 events 5 reviews

I've done this cruise once before, and was just as pleased (if not more) this time around.

The captain and crew are very friendly and really go out of their way to make sure you are enjoying the cruise. The captain noted along the way some key...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
10 events 5 reviews

The cruise was wonderful! There is a ton of delicious food, and the crew was very knowledgeable. This is a great way to see Manhattan! If it's a little chilly outside, don’t forget to bundle up. Also, don’t worry about the food, it may look like a...continued

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Review from Moneyvated
13 events 5 reviews

The staff was awesome & the food was great! This is my second time on the Yacht Manhattan & I will be back!!

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Yvonne Vasquez
Review from Yvonne Vasquez
6 events 5 reviews

This Brunch Cruise was awesome! The 4 employees on board were awesome as well as all the food and drinks. The sites were also amazing and made for some great pictures. Many of our friends were in NYC as well but no one wanted to commit to the...continued

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Review from Ashanti
9 events 5 reviews

This was the greatest idea! If it wasn't for Goldstar Events, I would have never known about it or had the wonderful discount! I love NY anyway and to be able to view it from a yacht that served mimosas, waffles, ham and quiche - fantastic. I...continued

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Review from Jennifer
24 events 5 reviews

We enjoyed the brunch and cruise around Manhattan. Pace yourself on the food. Lots of choices during the 3 hours.
Drink were affordable $4. View very nice. Crew was great and friendly.

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Review from Susana
12 events 5 reviews

We went on the brunch cruise during our NY vacation and it was the perfect way to see the sights around Manhattan like the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island without actually having to go and fight the masses to see them. You go under all of the...continued

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Gabriel Celis
Review from Gabriel Celis
20 events 5 reviews

What a great event this was! Very relaxing and nice. The staff was very friendly, there was tons of food, and they must have gotten feedback from Goldstar because the captain pointed things out as we went along the 3 hour cruise.


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Diana B.
Review from Diana B.
13 events 5 reviews

Yummy foods, great staff & just the perfect length.

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Review from Stephanie
15 events 4 reviews

Best brunch cruise the city has to offer! This cruise wraps around the entire city. Drinks and Food are great! Crew members are definitely on point! The tip was well deserved! Lol. Thanks guys!

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Jen Heyward
Review from Jen Heyward
11 events 4 reviews

I had a wonderful time. The crew was very nice and the food delicious. I will love to go on it again.

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Review from rhonda
19 events 4 reviews

I took my mother and 2 sisters on this cruise and we all agree that it was our favorite excursion of our 5 day vacation and we did it all. The day was beautiful and to see the Statue of Liberty from the water was breath-taking. The crew was very...continued

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Diane L.
Review from Diane L.
18 events 4 reviews

It was a beautiful day and my girlfriend and i were really happy that we had chosen this event.

We were treated to a wonderfully delicious brunch and had a great leisurely and peaceful ride looking at all the sites of NYC that we dont get to...continued

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Review from Odetta
10 events 4 reviews

It was very nice, relaxing; not many ppl so It was private but with the opportunity to socialize. The food was good, except it was not warm enough for me; the staff was good; they do not give guided tours so pls do not expect it. Overall, I had...continued

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