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H. Gold
Review from H. Gold
Red Velvet 693 events 218 reviews

What a wonderful cruise!! The architect, John, is soooo knowledgable and passionate about New York's buildings, the crew was just as amazing as John and fulfilled every wish we could have possibly have. This was easily one of the best days in my...continued

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Review from Henfrudo
Red Velvet 48 events 9 reviews

Detailed and interesting. I highly recommend this tour.

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Katrien Damman
Review from Katrien Damman
Red Velvet 58 events 8 reviews

Extremely knowledgeable guide and you can’t beat being on a boat around Manhattan for 3 hrs-
Included a complimentary drink ( more for purchase) and some snacks

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Review from PL
Red Velvet 29 events 7 reviews

This is my second time on this Architecture tour..the crew are excellence, Go Zoey!! We love you!! You really help me our tour enjoyable and hospitable. Arthur is a wonderful tour guide who is not just informative about NYC, but is passionate in...continued

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Review from PL
Red Velvet 29 events 7 reviews

This is such an incredible event, the captain, crew & architect are always polite, accommodating & helpful. The architect is clear, concise & very knowledgeable. This was our 3rd time on this tour and we bring friends & families from out of town...continued

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Dr. Akst
Review from Dr. Akst
Red Velvet 38 events 3 reviews

This was a 3-hour cruise circling all of Manhattan Island in a beautiful yacht-like boat with windows all around for maximum gawking. I saw many buildings and places that I didn't know about, although I'm a life-long New Yorker. The tour guide,...continued

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marilyn Weill
Review from marilyn Weill
Red Velvet 35 events 2 reviews

simply wonderful. The guide was excellent, The boat lovely and a really great time.

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Kenyon Brown
Review from Kenyon Brown
659 events 377 reviews

Excellent all the way around: knowledgable narrator (and you could hear him from anywhere on vessel), very nice food and drink options - also plentiful, super-helpful crew. ('Nice to see a couple of hard-working women in it, too.) Lots of value...continued

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Jazz Lover
Review from Jazz Lover
234 events 124 reviews

This cruise was wonderful! If you're interested in architecture and NYC history, then you should strongly consider this tour. It goes completely around Manhattan, under 15 or 20 bridges. The commentary is excellent, and they served delicious Greek...continued

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Review from Shelly
68 events 36 reviews

Guide was vey knowledgeable, great way to view the island.

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Ruthann Prange
Review from Ruthann Prange
76 events 33 reviews

Have done this tour twice in last few years. Both with guests and both times rated excellent by all of us. With so many changes in Manhattan architecture, glad to do again. Both guides knowledgeable, amiable and full of interesting details -...continued

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Review from a
66 events 26 reviews

This was an excellent tour from beginning to end. Our 19 year old son loved it as well. the food was delicious and the guide was fantastic. Great crew as well!

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Review from Musiclady1
106 events 26 reviews

Wonderful weather, smooth sailing, very informative - great afternoon!

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Review from anthropologist
135 events 25 reviews

My favorite boat tour in NYC, I loved it! It was great to go all the way around Manhattan and the narration was excellent. The boat is very elegant and comfortable - it's a fun afternoon out and a "don't miss" in my opinion. So glad we went -thx...continued

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Review from RTB
155 events 23 reviews

Great way to see the city. It is a lovely and relaxing cruise with a very informative narration. It includes tasty snacks and a drink which is a nice touch.

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Jim & Eric
Review from Jim & Eric
61 events 22 reviews

A circle tour of Manhattan is mostly about seeing the buildings; so, what better way than with an architect? Our guide was informative not just about the buildings and bridges but their associated history. We saw so many places we've never seen...continued

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Review from J A
34 events 22 reviews

Awesome experience, period!

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Review from TheatreAddict
339 events 21 reviews

Really marvelous - the best cruise/tour I have been on. Very informative and comprehensive. And the food was good, too!

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Mindy H.
Review from Mindy H.
25 events 18 reviews

Great staff - great speaker - great boat ride!

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Dee Greenwood
Review from Dee Greenwood
27 events 18 reviews

I took this tour years ago on the original Manhattan. The Manhattan II is a larger version of the original - same sleek lines and open interior with windows everywhere. The architect was very entertaining and informative. The shoreline has...continued

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