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Muriel S.
Review from Muriel S.
28 events 7 reviews

The cruise was extensive, completely around the island of Manhattan. The lecturer from the architects institute was very knowledgeable and enjoyable. Staff were very nice. A lovely spread is set and beverages brought to you. The only downside...continued

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Emily K
Review from Emily K
19 events 7 reviews

Thoroughly enjoyed the tour and 100% recommend it to others! The boat is beautiful, with a large indoor seating area. There are plenty of windows to see the sights, but you can also go on the deck outside. The guide had a microphone and was...continued

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Elaine Rutherford
Review from Elaine Rutherford
13 events 7 reviews

We had wonderful weather for December. The cruise ship is beautiful with comfortable seats and lovely décor. The lecturer was very informative and friendly. It was a wonderful way to see the great old buildings of NY along with some of the new...continued

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Review from sputnik
12 events 7 reviews

We were lucky enough to have spectacular spring weather the day of our tour, but even if we hadn’t we would have enjoyed it immensely. Our guide, John (didn’t catch his last name), is an architectural historian with an encyclopedic knowledge of...continued

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Review from LD
12 events 7 reviews

Whether you are a first time visitor to NYC or life-long resident you will enjoy this fascinating journey around the island of Manahattan. No matter how many times you see New York, it just looks different when you see it the way it was meant to...continued

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Lori Bush
Review from Lori Bush
15 events 7 reviews

Wonderful tour! Very classy and relaxing! Service was excellent and tour guide was very, very knowledgeable! Would go again!

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Review from Babette
10 events 6 reviews

Fabulous tour. 2nd time I took it in past few years. AIA guide outstanding

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Review from Babette
10 events 6 reviews

Glorious trip on a beautiful day. What a treat to be taken on a beautiful boat, all the way around Manhattan, from top to bottom, east and west, south and north. Traveling under and near all those wonderful bridges was amazing. Guide form AIA was...continued

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Amy Harbo
Review from Amy Harbo
28 events 6 reviews

Lovely boat and great crew. Wonderful experience; learned a lot about the city's architecture.

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Camille Howe
Review from Camille Howe
23 events 6 reviews

the guide was knowledgeable, the crew was friendly & efficient...beautiful way to see New York.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
33 events 6 reviews

The guide could answer every question and put a lot of effort into it. The crew was great and also the snacks. A great deal!

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Review from Tribble
13 events 6 reviews

What a great tour of New York City! Our group was 3 adults and 2 teenage girls and this outing was a big hit with all. Our tour guide John was full of fascinating facts about the city and its buildings, and responded thoughtfully to all of our...continued

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Review from Ellen
5 events 5 reviews

Fabulous tour. Extremely knowledgeable guide. Beautiful ship and friendly staff. Wonderful afternoon cruising around all of Manhattan and seeing the city from an entirely different perspective!

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Megan S.
Review from Megan S.
5 events 5 reviews

I had been on the champagne cruise and really loved it. Unfortunately the architecture tour didn't meet expectations. The guide was just not that great...it was kind of like a lecture I didn't want to sit through.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
33 events 5 reviews

My second time on this tour. With different architects there are new things to learn. The Manhattan is an intimate and comfortable yacht and the staff are excellent. If I have a complaint it's that the yacht is moving so quickly that the...continued

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Andrew Edson
Review from Andrew Edson
10 events 5 reviews

The AIA representative really helped show New York in a different light, especially for a native New Yorker like me. Our guests loved it, too.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
33 events 5 reviews

The boat was intimate and had character. The architectural guide was very informative and even the New Yorkers learned something. The cheese and fruit platter provided with the complimentary drink was both tasteful and tasty. I highly recommend...continued

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Review from ArthurSmile8
67 events 5 reviews

The boat, staff and food & Wine were great. The Architecture guide stated that he was going to "geek out" on architecture but as a native New Yorker I knew ALL of the items he mentioned and found it to be a supremely lazy and uninformative...continued

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Review from Monica
18 events 5 reviews

This was a very informative and enjoyable cruise. The AIA guides were very knowledgeable, though one female guide on the June 26th cruise was inaudible and seemed tentative about the facts. The other two guides were very good. I would highly...continued

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Beatriz Volpe
Review from Beatriz Volpe
6 events 5 reviews

This was a wonderful new way of seeing New York. We had a spectacular day. It was so nice to come into the boat and have small tables set up with fruit, cheese and cake to enjoy during the ride. The commentary was very instructive and...continued

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