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Review from ArthurSmile8
67 events 5 reviews

The boat, staff and food & Wine were great. The Architecture guide stated that he was going to "geek out" on architecture but as a native New Yorker I knew ALL of the items he mentioned and found it to be a supremely lazy and uninformative...continued

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Review from Monica
18 events 5 reviews

This was a very informative and enjoyable cruise. The AIA guides were very knowledgeable, though one female guide on the June 26th cruise was inaudible and seemed tentative about the facts. The other two guides were very good. I would highly...continued

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Beatriz Volpe
Review from Beatriz Volpe
6 events 5 reviews

This was a wonderful new way of seeing New York. We had a spectacular day. It was so nice to come into the boat and have small tables set up with fruit, cheese and cake to enjoy during the ride. The commentary was very instructive and...continued

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Parrick Sanon
Review from Parrick Sanon
17 events 5 reviews

This was an absolute treat. Definitely different from the other sightseeing boats out there. This smaller vessel is more intimate. The tour guide gives you a plethora of information on almost the buildings, new and old, along the eastern and...continued

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Review from gdgilden
40 events 5 reviews

This was the maiden voyage for the architectural boat tour, and my friend and I really enjoyed it. Loved the little trivia here and there about the buildings and neighborhoods. The boat was clean and beautiful. I will take this tour again and...continued

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Review from Joe
8 events 4 reviews

A really nice thing to do on a summer afternoon. The boat was well appointed, the guide very knowledgeable and the crew friendly and accommodating. As a native New Yorker, thought I wouldn't learn much, but I was wrong and enjoyed learning many...continued

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Sandy Levine Dickson
Review from Sandy Levine Dickson
5 events 4 reviews

Everything about this cruise was great. The architect giving the tour was terrific and so informative. The cruise mates were very pleasant and helpful. We enjoyed the food and drink goodies, too. Definitely 5 star.

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Review from TW
5 events 4 reviews

Friendly crew, beautiful boat, knowledgeable guide, perfect sunny February day; what more could you want?!?

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Review from jayberman
23 events 4 reviews

The architect on the cruise was terrific and informative. Answered any question cheerfully and willingly.

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Douglas C.
Review from Douglas C.
32 events 4 reviews

The experience was very good but it was rushed. There is so much interesting information; the boat could have gone at a slower pace around the lower tip of Manhattan. The architect was excellent.

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Review from Carell5
22 events 4 reviews

This was a great tour. Our guide was very knowledgeable and answered all questions asked of him. His presentation of the information was very entertaining as well as informative. An unexpected but nice feature was the complimentary cheese,...continued

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Review from gary
6 events 4 reviews

Very interesting experience. The architect who guided us was very knowledgeable. Great day! Only 1 negative was the food that was served but it didn’t take away from the day.

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Anne Cranny
Review from Anne Cranny
5 events 4 reviews

We really loved the tour. It was a beautiful boat and the crew couldn't have been nicer. Delicious snacks and architects, sorry I forgot their names, were very informative. Great view of the statue of Liberty and surrounding area buildings.

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Suzanne Bartash
Review from Suzanne Bartash
18 events 4 reviews

We thought that it was an excellent tour. The architect guides were very knowledgeable and spoke so we could understand them. The infrastructure very interesting. The staff was very helpful and pleasant. We had an absolutely perfect day weather...continued

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george barrett
Review from george barrett
18 events 3 reviews

A comfortable, and very well narrated ride. Circumnavagating Manhatten is exciting even for native New Yorkers.

The crew and staff are first rate.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
6 events 3 reviews

a wonderful and educational experience this was my second similar tour

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Jonathan B.
Review from Jonathan B.
20 events 3 reviews

An excellent tour on a nice boat. Great views information provided by the tour guide who is an architect and was also nice that first round of drinks and some snacks were provided. Would definitely recommend this tour.

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Linda Carlton
Review from Linda Carlton
3 events 3 reviews

Awesome tour of Manhattan from a very different perspective.

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Review from jeannemga
14 events 3 reviews

Beautiful, spacious, and comfortable vessel with attentive and kind staff. Lots of very interesting information about New York and New Jersey and wonderful views of Manhattan from many perspectives.

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Review from Robin
4 events 3 reviews

Delightful afternoon! Sailing around the Manhattan island gives you a whole other perspective of NYC. The ship is comfortable and the staff is very friendly. The narrator was himself an architect and extremely knowledgable and we could ask him...continued

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