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H. Gold
Review from H. Gold
Red Velvet 693 events 218 reviews

Amazing trip, as always!!

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AnnMarie Weis
Review from AnnMarie Weis
Red Velvet 43 events 10 reviews

the crew were great and it was worth the price.

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Review from Lucia
46 events 29 reviews

What a wonderful and romantic cruise. We have used this company before to do a brunch cruise so we knew we wouldn't be let down if we used them again. It lasts an hour and a half starting at the Chelsea Piers, going down toward and in front of the...continued

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Review from Haynes
55 events 24 reviews

As usual the friendly crew goes above and beyond to make your time on the Manhattan fabulous. Celebrated my Mom's 78th bday and what fun - after our complementary glass of Champagne I bought the house Bottle of Classic Harbor Line's own Champagne...continued

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Review from Marco
35 events 22 reviews

Great cruise,friendly crew

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Andy Pollack
Review from Andy Pollack
38 events 21 reviews

It was really nice to be out on the water looking over the lights of NY and surrounding area. Crew was very nice and the blanket was very appreciated by my wife.

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Helene Toye
Review from Helene Toye
47 events 20 reviews

Nice tour. The vessel is not as luxurious as you might think when booking for a 1920s-style 'yacht', but it certainly did the trick for us. We were a party of four, including 2 kids of 14 and 6 and the four of us really enjoyed the trip. It was...continued

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elisabeth furtado
Review from elisabeth furtado
33 events 16 reviews

it was delightful...crew was friendly and the atmosphere was fun and casual...we loved it

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Review from MoJoooo
17 events 16 reviews

Relaxing and spacious. Loved it.

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Steven I.
Review from Steven I.
24 events 15 reviews

Really Nice , relaxing and comfortable evening. We enjoyed the atmosphere and the crew was polite and present,yet not intrusive.

I recommend this event for a couple or a small group.
SI from LI

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Joyce Murphy
Review from Joyce Murphy
21 events 15 reviews

This was a great event. A beautiful evening. We hope to repeat it- will look for it on Goldstar in the future.

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Review from Valerie
30 events 14 reviews

The Champagne City Lights Cruise was a great event. There were only about 20 guests on the yacht, mostly couples, making the cruise very intimate/romantic. The first glass of wine/Champagne/beer is complimentary with additional glasses around $6...continued

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Amanda Farrell
Review from Amanda Farrell
46 events 13 reviews

I always have such a great time on this cruise!

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David Tonkowich
Review from David Tonkowich
21 events 10 reviews

This was a nice event to end the evening with. My only comment is, that it would have been nice to have some music to accompany the ride. Great date idea.

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Melody Schlossberg
Review from Melody Schlossberg
16 events 9 reviews

My experience was wonderful! Beautiful pristine yacht, the crew treated us like royalty. Not many people aboard, almost felt like a private cruise. The views were amazing and the occasional rain with thunder and lightening just added to the aura...continued

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Review from JuJu
24 events 9 reviews

This was wonderful! The crew was very warm and friendly and the cruise was perfect.

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The Doctor
Review from The Doctor
141 events 9 reviews

To each their own, I guess. My experience was great -- but I'm a local and not a tourist needing a blow-by-blow of the city's buildings. My trip was mostly couples and small groups, and the crew was polite but not intrusive. That gave most of...continued

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Shawn Davis
Review from Shawn Davis
15 events 8 reviews

Absolutely beautiful!!!

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Review from Annick
14 events 8 reviews

as always, great crew, very friendly and knowledgable, smooth sailing, highly recommended!

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Review from Annick
14 events 8 reviews

Great ,friendly. knowledgeable crew makes the tour even more special. Very comfortable ship and smooth sailing. Always a great choice for a relaxing break from the city pace and perfect for those summer nights! Ocean breezes can't be beat!

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