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Review from ArtF.
Red Velvet 129 events 92 reviews

Elegant sail boat. Crew was very attentive. Great way to see the statute of liberty and lower Manhattan skyline at night.

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Stanley Jawor
Review from Stanley Jawor
Red Velvet 28 events 20 reviews

Looking to relax after a hectic day. This is the perfect solution. Beautiful scenery, great cruise and fantastic crew. Definitely planning to go again and bring along some friends. It's a great escape after a typical New York day.

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Review from trwoodhull
Red Velvet 9 events 2 reviews

The tour was worth every penny! Beautiful viewing the city lights at night. The crew was friendly but not bothersome. It was a very relaxed and peaceful end to a long day of sightseeing and the crowds of the city! Thanks!

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Review from AK
61 events 23 reviews

Weather was beautiful . . . a nice night to take in the views of the NY and NJ skylines . . . and, the crew was friendly and accommodating . . . I received an extra drink at no cost and someone near me had 2 extra drinks . . . gratuity was...continued

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Review from Shannon
39 events 18 reviews

This was a great evening. Aside from the fantastic views, the boat was well-maintained and the staff was very friendly. We were also impressed by the selection of microbrewed beers. The only problem we had was locating Pier 62. Classic Harbor...continued

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Joann Cullinane
Review from Joann Cullinane
63 events 14 reviews

Just can't say enough good things about Classic Harbor Line and their beautiful vessels! Captain Kat was gracious and welcoming and the crew couldn't have been friendlier. Everything was perfect. Cheers to the crew of the Adirondack! Looking...continued

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Gregory O.
Review from Gregory O.
33 events 11 reviews

A wonderful relaxing evening!

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Gregory O.
Review from Gregory O.
33 events 11 reviews

Just a fantastic evening. Nearly full moon, gentle breezes, great people. As always-the best!

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paula christiansen
Review from paula christiansen
42 events 11 reviews

Live in NYC but still love seeing the Manhattan skyline at night, everything about this was great.

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gavin wellsman
Review from gavin wellsman
33 events 10 reviews

a great sailing experience and the staff were very attentive and professional.

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Review from Citygirl
16 events 10 reviews

It was a great experience. Schooner left right on time. Staff was friendly and helpful. The New York Skyline and Lady Liberty outstanding! And sailing in the evening fantastic!

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Vijay DSouza
Review from Vijay DSouza
55 events 9 reviews

A great way to see New York. Much more fun than the Circle Line type cruises. Relaxing and crew was a lot of fun. I will definitely do this again (and I usually don't like to do anything more than once).

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Review from LucieBJumpnFun
13 events 8 reviews

Absolutely Amazing From Start To Finish!
Our Captain, I believe her name was Stephanie, was totally delightful and a bag of laughs! She could easily do stand up comedy:) The Stewards, Sarah and Ewan were great too, albeit a bit fatigued:( They had...continued

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Review from Megan
24 events 7 reviews

Relaxing, beautiful & romantic. With 3x's drinks it's an amazing deal and a lovely way to enjoy the city.

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Alex Gruhin
Review from Alex Gruhin
27 events 7 reviews

Such a great experience. Chris, Adam and Dory were fantastic. Loved the Adirondack. Beautiful night.

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Chazz K
Review from Chazz K
14 events 6 reviews

All of the boat trips run by Classic Harbor Line are always top notch. The captain and crew are always excellent as they were last night. I have had the pleasure of taking many trips on your vessels and have always had a great time. Kudos for...continued

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Review from Leo99
12 events 6 reviews

It was a beautiful night on the water. The champagne was flowing and the wind was brisk enough to sail. The ship was full and people looked they were having a great time. The captain and crew ran a tight ship and worked well together. You're...continued

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Review from BA
53 events 6 reviews

My boyfriend and I really enjoyed this sail. Wonderful views, very nice boat. There were only about 12 people on the 9:30pm sail and that made for a very peaceful and romantic evening. This sail is great for a date, tourists who want something...continued

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Alex Kim
Review from Alex Kim
14 events 5 reviews

Absolutely worth every single penny, what a unique experience! The aidorandack III was beautiful, clean, and the crew (captain, David and John) were beyond outstanding and caring. After hopping on, the boat was floated towards the tip of lower...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
6 events 5 reviews

Great super friendly crew. Great boat. All around wonderful event. You can't go wrong.

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