Adirondacksail 050609
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Review from JOY BROSNAN
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This event was fabulous. I enjoyed every moment of the sail and was sorry when it ended. It was lovely to sit in the cool breeze, observe the beautiful sunset and be served wonderful sushi and sake. The staff was extremely attentive and helpful. I...continued

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Review from RedLeila
35 events 16 reviews

I took a Japanese guest on this cruise for his birthday, and it exceeded expectations. Ten different offerings of sushi were provided, along with four different kinds of saki. The staff was efficient and professional, and filled requests for...continued

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Review from HauteontheSpot
15 events 7 reviews

The sushi and sake was delicious, the wine & beer selection was fabulous, and the view (especially once it got dark) was extraordinary! The best part about the ambiance was the staff - they were all so friendly and professional! It seemed that...continued

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Review from cnp_NYC
20 events 6 reviews

This definitely can be a booze cruise if you keep asking for beer, they come around pretty frequently asking to refill your wine/beer. I think my bf had 4 beers and asked for more sake than he should have although they only come around 3 times...continued

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Catherine Becker
Review from Catherine Becker
6 events 3 reviews

This was an unusual trip, in that the crew had to stay balanced while serving multiple rounds of sake and sushi. It was a neat idea, but a little clumsy in execution. The crew was FANTASTIC, but it was difficult to keep sake and sushi balanced...continued

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Review from ccrousill
17 events 2 reviews

Abolutely the most romantic date we've ever been on! The crew was gracious and attentive. We are highly recommending this cruise to anyone and everyone who is looking for a relaxing and unique experience.

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Beth Clawson
Review from Beth Clawson
3 events 2 reviews

the crusie was amazing - perfect summer evening for a sail, the beautiful sights of the city, new jersey, and the statue of liberty, coupled with fresh, beautifully presented sushi and sake pairings.

would recommend this to anyone.

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Review from SK
12 events 2 reviews

This was a fabulous and fun trip. Seeing Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty- from the water, with the sun setting was beautiful. The captain and crew of the boat were professional and friendly, the service was great. There was a constant flow of...continued

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Adam Jeffery
Review from Adam Jeffery
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A truly fun experience. It was a surprise for my wife's birthday. We had perfect weather with a spectacular sunset. We really enjoyed the Morimoto Sushi and Sake- it was a nice selection of fish, along with some refreshing sake that we probably...continued

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Review from sulo27
2 events 1 review

A very relaxing, fun way to enjoy the sunset. Beautiful views of NY from the water. Sushi and sake very good. They offer 10 varieties of tasty sushi and four different enjoyable sakes. Also avalable are great local beers, wine and soda. The...continued

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Nancy F. Smith
Review from Nancy F. Smith
6 events 1 review

AMAZING! From start to finish! It was a beautiful night and sunset with a happy, laid back, attentive crew. The sushi was delicious as expected and the drinks were flowing. I've been on the schooner before and this was definitely my favorite...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
3 events 1 review

Had an amazing experience.

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Shandra C. Tate
Review from Shandra C. Tate
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I can't think of a better way to enjoy 10 kinds of sushi and 4 sakes than aboard this beautiful vessel! Kudos to the friendly, professional crew who served us so adeptly. A very, very nice experience indeed!

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
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If you're privy to this low key, Morimoto, sailing experience... you're in for a treat. They only sail Monday nights and this sold out in days, so keep your ear to the ground when they release next summer's tickets.

This could be the NYC...continued

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Lina Thompson
Review from Lina Thompson
3 events 1 review

This was an awesome idea! I took my mom for her birthday and we had the most relaxing, amazing time. The staff was so nice, and easy to talk to, the views were stunning and really helped us unwind, and the sushi was so fresh and tasty. I would do...continued

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