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Review from Jeanie
31 events 12 reviews

We loved it!! It was great!! The staff was friendly, the sailboat was beautiful, the views were gorgeous and the wine/champagne was plentiful! Only thing missing was some music in the background to further enhance the relaxation of the trip. I...continued

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Review from shenkel
15 events 6 reviews

Cruise was very fun and great views of the skyline but only because we were consolidated onto the Jazz cruise that this company also offers. We purchased the Schooner cruise but with the rain that night it would have been miserable sitting...continued

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Bob Juergens
Review from Bob Juergens
28 events 4 reviews

great crew, great sail!!!!!! i tel everyone how fun it was

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Review from Elizabeth
6 events 2 reviews

Beautiful boat ride without the sound of a motor, and in a non-touristy boat. Many rounds of drinks made it relaxing. Crew was terrific.

Have also gone on the Manhattan Yatch and that was very nice as well. You get to go around the Brooklyn...continued

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Review from Valerie
6 events 2 reviews

Friendly staff! They even provided fleece blankets as it started to get cooler outside. It was a perfect evening!

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Sandra Padilla
Review from Sandra Padilla
3 events 2 reviews

I really liked this sunset sail trip! Beautiful views and great staff who were attentive to everyones needs. They served drinks and were very helpful. They even offered to take our pictures or pass out blankets if needed. Captain was also great! A...continued

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Review from Elizabeth
6 events 2 reviews

Terrific experienceā€¦ terrific crew!

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Catherine Petzold
Review from Catherine Petzold
7 events 2 reviews

Wonderful evening sail! Crew was attentive with drinks and supplying blankets for the night chill.

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Marilu Perez
Review from Marilu Perez
2 events 1 review

Awesome crew, views and service! Will definitely do again!

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Review from Dan
2 events 1 review

Beautiful, serene evening on the water. Plentiful drinks, polite and helpful staff and a view that is one of a kind.

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Claire Szertics Dorey
Review from Claire Szertics Dorey
1 event 1 review

Beautiful, impeccable boat with a friendly, professional crew!

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Review from lasweet1
3 events 1 review

Great experience and a very good deal for the price. We took our out-of-town relatives and it was the highlight of their visit to NY. They especially loved the up-close views of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. The ride was smooth and the...continued

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wesley fradera
Review from wesley fradera
5 events 1 review

Great way to see the city!!!! Drinks and friendly staff made the trip even better. What are you waiting for buy your tickets!!!

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Review from helen
1 event 1 review

I would defiently do this again. The crew was very professional and really friendly.

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Helen McGrath
Review from Helen McGrath
1 event 1 review

It was a great night! Boarding on and off the boat was smooth, the staff were friendly and helpful (and generous with the beverages!). It was a perfect night. Thank you!

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
1 event 1 review

It was an amazing experience! Highly recommended.

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Tracey A. Cummings
Review from Tracey A. Cummings
1 event 1 review

It was great to get out of the streets of the city and to see it from afar. The weather and sunset were perfect. The crew was attentive and competent.

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Carol Brunsden
Review from Carol Brunsden
10 events 1 review

It was really great. A beautiful evening.

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Review from Rich2553
15 events 1 review

The weather was perfect for the cruise.
Staff couldn't be nicer!
We enjoyed the generous pours of wine and beer!
The sail boat was spacious and very comfortable.
Only suggestion would be if there was a staff member pointing out significant...continued

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Review from Charles
1 event 1 review

This cruise sets out from Pier 62 and cruises south just before sunset offering spectacular views of Manhattan and the new Freedom Tower. Then you will get to see the Statue of Liberty in a way that few others do, right at sunset. All the while...continued

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