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Joann Detelj
Review from Joann Detelj
24 events 20 reviews

Unfortunaly it was down pouring when I went, but I still enjoyed the boat ride.

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Jim Levine
Review from Jim Levine
51 events 19 reviews

Great boat, great staff, wonderful time. I highly recommend. It is a very nice small boat. So much better than being on the large tour boats.

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Wendy Hapgood
Review from Wendy Hapgood
39 events 19 reviews

Nice way to view the city, avoiding the big touristy crowded boats. Excellent service, interesting commentary. Would recommend it to future visitors to new york.

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Review from Shannon
39 events 18 reviews

As always, the cruise on the Manhattan was wonderful. I have done this cruise about a half dozen times and have never been disappointed. The boat is gorgeous, and the staff is always warm and friendly. Highly recommended for both tourists and...continued

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Review from Angle
29 events 18 reviews

Incredible experience! The staff was very accommodating, knowledgeable, friendly, and professional! The yacht left right on schedule, and our ride was almost exactly as long as promised. The ride was breathtaking and indelible! I HIGHLY...continued

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Review from Shannon
39 events 18 reviews

My fiance's parents were in the city, so we decided to take them on this cruise. We all had a fantastic time, despite the rain. The first round was on the house, and then we ordered a bottle of sparkling wine, which was surprisingly good at $20...continued

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Diana Gordon
Review from Diana Gordon
25 events 17 reviews

this is not something i would do again. I really give this a thumbs down! Why? because there was not much information given, and at some point there was NONE at all. One glass of Champagne and cash bar was another downer. At least the soft drinks...continued

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Review from Marianna
34 events 17 reviews

This was a great event to attend!!! What a lovely time it was! The views of New York, a little of wine, a lot of great pictures to remember, very friendly staff!!! Totally worth the time, the money, and everything else! Also, there is a great cafe...continued

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Review from RedLeila
35 events 16 reviews

Any cruise with Classic Harbor Line is a pleasure; not only are the boats lovingly cared for, but the crews are the friendliest, most professional, and most engaged on the Hudson/East River boats. Best trained, best narratives of what you are...continued

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Review from FunTimes
53 events 16 reviews

I would recommend this event to anyone looking to spend a leisurely, relaxing New York afternoon. The boat was smaller than others I have been on but was nicely suited for a great waterview tour of New York City.

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elisabeth furtado
Review from elisabeth furtado
33 events 16 reviews

the morning weather seemed iffy at best, but by the afternoon , it was gorgeous. we had a great time. the captain and his crew were very friendly and informative. we thoroughly enjoyed our little get away...I felt like I was on vacation for an...continued

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Review from RedLeila
35 events 16 reviews

Took my staff and student workers on this champagne cruise, which they chose from six choices I offered them. The crew, as always on this boat, offered exceptionally friendly, low-key, professional service, and the captain's narration was...continued

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Joann Cullinane
Review from Joann Cullinane
63 events 14 reviews

A beautiful cruise through New York Harbor. We travelled north of the Williamsburg Bridge and up the Hudson as far as the Intrepid. A very engaging and knowledgeable crew. This is a great way to spend an afternoon!

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Debbie McMahon DelBuono
Review from Debbie McMahon DelBuono
32 events 14 reviews

A very nice, relaxing and enjoyable cruise around the harbor. As we [passed the Freedom Tower (under construction), the Brooklyn Bridge, the Statue of Liberty and many other landmarks, our captain gave us a bit of history about each place with...continued

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Review from Liz
25 events 14 reviews

Perfect event for a date! I surprised my boyfriend with the skyline cruise and he loved it. We took great pictures.

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Review from J.
23 events 14 reviews

The tour guide's voice was hard to understand, and the PA system was of low and annoying quality. I still enjoyed though.

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Amoura Bryan
Review from Amoura Bryan
69 events 14 reviews

This was a cool cruise!

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Peter Lunny
Review from Peter Lunny
43 events 14 reviews

We enjoyed seeing Manhattan, the bridges, and the Statue of Liberty from the vantage point of a vintage boat. 90 minutes was the perfect length of time and the tour narration was provided at a relaxing pace and not over-detailed.

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Review from kathy
48 events 13 reviews

Beautiful evening. Wish there was more sightseeing narration.

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Amanda Farrell
Review from Amanda Farrell
46 events 13 reviews

I loved it! This is a great idea for anyone - not just for tourists! It's a beautiful way to see the city as a newbie, and a fantastic way to get a fresh perspective. It's so refreshing to be out on the water, and it's nice to have a little...continued

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