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Review from Hilda
34 events 8 reviews

The boat ride was very nice, but please tell the narrator that the Veranzano bridge is pronounced Verrazano, it doesn't have an "n". These tours are full of tourists not many landmarks were pointed out and he referred to the George Washington...continued

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Review from rljensenpss
36 events 8 reviews

This was a fantastic cruise tour!

The boat was quite comfortable and the crew were great!

I honestly don't have a single negative thing to say about it. The cruise was honestly one of the highlights of our trip to NYC!

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Review from Lynn
23 events 8 reviews

What a wonderful way to experience and view the sites on the Hudson. The Manhatten, Capt.Jim and crew were great.
The best part was you could enjoy the view from indoors or out and there were no crowds pushing and shoving to get pictures of the...continued

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Review from ValN
11 events 7 reviews

I missed this cruise but attended the 6.30p one (for $10 more per ticket). However I'm really happy I did, the 6.30 one was so romantic. The scenery was great, NYC on a summer evening is so beautiful by boat. The champagne was decent, I love the...continued

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Beth Saks
Review from Beth Saks
57 events 7 reviews

The crew was lovely..it was cool and cloudy. Would have been better in milder weather.

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Review from walta5
18 events 7 reviews

Thought our trip would be cancelled because it was thunderstorming, but we still went out and the rain stopped a few minutes in. There's a lovely inside section with many windows, so we didn't mind sitting inside with fresh flowers on little...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
19 events 7 reviews

Very Relaxing. My girlfriend and I truly enjoyed this boat ride. Would have liked for it to have been longer. Staff was very pleasant and attentive. Champagne was chilled and tasted. Enjoyable way to spend a few hours. I highly recommend this...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
8 events 6 reviews

It was great - Staff friendly and helpful. Was given 1 comp. wine and all the pop or juice you could drink comp.
Would go again and take more friends!

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Review from Jenny
7 events 6 reviews

It would have been great if it wasn't a rainy, overcast day. We had to stay inside the glass-enclosed boat. Boat was very nice though. I brought my boyfriend there on a date. Practically everyone there was with a date. Only about 10 people on the...continued

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Review from Goldstar Member
8 events 6 reviews

Really enjoyed the ride - nice and smooth, considering the waves were quite high..
The captain was very informative and gave us lots of historical information..
Would do it again..Loved the glass of wine - it was a nice touch and free unlimited...continued

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Faye W.
Review from Faye W.
10 events 6 reviews

The boat was clean and comfortable. The staff was very accommodating and the passengers were very well taken care of. We had a fantastic day,weather wise, and even though I am a native New Yorker, I learned a few things about the port of New...continued

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Susan S.
Review from Susan S.
8 events 6 reviews

The yacht was beautiful with the comfortable seats, great views and Persian rugs with Captain Rob and his assistants. The complimentary drink was great. Everyone was pleasant and very accommodating. The trip down the Hudson River and a little up...continued

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Fun For All
Review from Fun For All
14 events 6 reviews

This is a wonderful cruise... not too short, not too long... JUST RIGHT! The commentary was informative, but not intrusive. I can't guarantee the perfect weather we enjoyed. DO bring a windbreaker and don't forget your camera.

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jennifer heft
Review from jennifer heft
19 events 5 reviews

Absolutely the perfect way to introduce our children to New York. A spectacular little cruise. Very friendly crew, offered to take several pictures of us when we were on the water. Loved it and the boat is very charming, nice fresh flowers too.

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Lisa Pollack
Review from Lisa Pollack
54 events 5 reviews

Absolutely delightful way to spend a late afternoon in late August. Boat trip (and boat itself) were lovely, staff was very accommodating, and the glass of champagne just the perfect refreshing filip to the whole experience. I can't wait to do...continued

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Masha Ioveva
Review from Masha Ioveva
27 events 5 reviews

Amazing boat ride - the yacht is small and perfect for a trip with friends or a romantic getaway from ol' boring tourist New York. We were 9 people altogether so there was plenty of room.The inside has small tables and couches and a fully stocked...continued

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Nancy Lee
Review from Nancy Lee
13 events 5 reviews

Amazing boat ride !! The crew was fabulous and I would definitely go again. It was spacious and cute ship. They even served a complimentary drink ! Woop ! A lovely sightseeing and relaxing trip.

Also, the check in process was simple and...continued

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Chachou Cherie Regis
Review from Chachou Cherie Regis
24 events 5 reviews

Beautiful Sunday evening ever... the Crew were very nice and professional.. I will totally do it again.:)

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Review from Judy
13 events 5 reviews

Excellent cruise. Wonderful narration and wonderful views.

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wendy hoffman
Review from wendy hoffman
18 events 5 reviews

Great time, great staff, highly recommend!

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