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George Heussner
Review from George Heussner
12 events 5 reviews

Great time. Great value. Great views of NYC. Great service by the friendly, gracious crew. Highly recommended. Pick a nice weather day and hit the high seas!

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Megan S.
Review from Megan S.
5 events 5 reviews

Had a really nice time on the cruise. The boat was much nicer than expected. Even though the weather was perfect we avoided the crowd on the deck and stayed in the nice indoor area.

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Review from DisneyGalVal
11 events 5 reviews

husband and I really enjoyed the comfy yacht, friendly crew, very clean and relaxing. packed our own picnic bag and enjoyed a free cider and beer and the sights of the city. our particular 4:15 sailing boat was only about half full. could not...continued

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Helen O'Kane
Review from Helen O'Kane
14 events 5 reviews

I searched your website for something different to do for my 4 visiting friends from Ireland (husband and wife, with their early-teen son and daughter). The Champagne Cruise at 4:45 pm was the perfect pre-dinner solution. In lieu of champagne,...continued

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Review from Madeleine
5 events 5 reviews

It was my birthday and the champagne cruise on Manhattan was the perfect way to start my celebration. The vessel was immaculate and quite lovely....teak appointments and very comfortable. We sat outside the entire time. The complimentary glass of...continued

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Bonnie Fitzpatrick Feick
Review from Bonnie Fitzpatrick Feick
20 events 5 reviews

Plenty of outside and inside seating, small boat gave it an intimate, non-crowded vibe, went past the Freedom Tower, Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty, and under the Brooklyn Bridge, relaxing, felt like a mini-getaway. One drink included....continued

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Susan Lipton Goldberg
Review from Susan Lipton Goldberg
12 events 5 reviews

Small cozy comfy ship, felt the waves, but not too much, great views from everywhere, friendly staff, great fun for everyone

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Review from JG
14 events 5 reviews

The boat was very clean and wonderful on the inside. The outside seating was great too. The drinks were good and cheap. The crew was very nice and the information shared was interesting. I'd definitely go again.

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Sandra Esparza
Review from Sandra Esparza
19 events 5 reviews

The show was awesome! The venue was small but perfect! I wanted to thank New World Stages in New York for making the changes to the show time. I called them early morning on Weds. and changed our tickets from the 2pm show to the 11am, this gave us...continued

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Review from Dvaba2
27 events 5 reviews

The staff was exceptional and knowledgeable. I was concerned about sea sickness but it was smooth sailing. A wonderful day for all....

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Review from Chloe
6 events 5 reviews

There were not really enough seats. Toung men taunting the passengers, and most importantly, there was no explanation of what was being seen. Change it to one star. I would not recommend this cruise.

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jesse jablon
Review from jesse jablon
12 events 5 reviews

This is our third time going on the YACHT MANHATTAN thru GOLDSTAR. So awesome to be on a beautiful boat with only 30 people instead of one of the "big" boats with 200 or more tourists. Great Service, Great Value, Great Time.

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Phillip Bastian
Review from Phillip Bastian
23 events 5 reviews

This is the second time I've been on this cruise. It's a great deal, whether you are lucky and get one of the free tickets or even if you pay the regular Goldstar rate. It's always nice to be on the water when you're in NYC, but the Classic Harbor...continued

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Nicole Mylan
Review from Nicole Mylan
5 events 5 reviews

This was a great event for a Saturday afternoon. The crew was so friendly and made everyone feel comfortable and at home. The only thing that could have made it better was food, but that was not expected.

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Phillip Bastian
Review from Phillip Bastian
23 events 5 reviews

This was a great cruise around Downtown on a small yacht. It didn't feel as touristy as some of the others. The staff was nice and it wasn't too crowded. The first drink was free as advertised and they had a good selection of beers and wines. Soft...continued

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Review from Colette
9 events 5 reviews

This was a very nice day. we arrived about a half an hour before boarding, don't go far because the line will get very long in no time. we walked around the skate park and by the time we came back the line was 30 people deep! lol
once we got on,...continued

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Review from sfwfi
23 events 5 reviews

This was such a wonderful experience. The crew and sailing was great!

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Review from marcella
9 events 5 reviews

Wonderful boat and crew. The day was warm but as soon as you left the pier there were wonderful breezes. Only about 20 passengers on the 80ft boat. Came around 3 times with offers of free water, soda or beer. Couldn't be nicer

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Pennie Landry
Review from Pennie Landry
9 events 4 reviews

5 Stars. Every NY tourists should experience THE City from this perspective. Amazing! Fabulous crew, unbelievable view. A must!

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Review from MissAudio
19 events 4 reviews

A wonderful way to spend an hour and a half on a beautiful day! The narration of what we were passing was great! The champagne and crew were bubbly! We had a GREAT time and would recommend this to everyone! AND we're native NYC residents - not...continued

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