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Review from Julee
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It was awesome! I have taken every other ferry and this one was a great bargain. It is a much more relaxed way to see the statue, and much more informative then paying another ferry company to just take you to the island. For your money you get...continued

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Review from Sara
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It was fabulous. The captain was extremely informative. We had a complimentary choice of wine, beer or champagne. It is a great place to bring a date or your friends and family.

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Review from Goldstar Member
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Review from diachris
4 events 2 reviews

My husband and I booked this cruise last minute and had a wonderful time. It was a little confusing to find the pier. Once we did that everything was perfect.

The boat was very clean, the staff was very friendly. The choices for cocktails...continued

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Review from Goldstar Member
16 events 2 reviews

The boat was very clean, the crew was nice, there were enough drinks, and there was more than enough space for everyone to walk around and enjoy the great view! I would recommend this trip to anyone to have an even better understanding of...continued

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c.j. kral
Review from c.j. kral
12 events 2 reviews

the boat, free round of drinks & crew were awesome. informative and fun!

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Review from Tiffany
8 events 2 reviews

The captain and two crew members were so nice and helpful. I took my daughter and wife, we had an awesome time and plan to do it again.

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Coco, House of Romance
Review from Coco, House of Romance
16 events 2 reviews

The staff was great to me and my guest. Being business women we will book a trip on their yacht as a fund raiser in the near future. The captain and assistants were so accommodating and hospitable (is that a word??)(smile) to us and the yacht was...continued

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Review from Goldstar Member
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This 90 minute long cruise made for a great day. Beautiful boat! They took us down the Hudson River past the Statue of Liberty & South Street Seaport, & up the East River. The crew was excellent. The captain narrated the sites as we went by. First...continued

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Review from asandygal
3 events 2 reviews

This cruise was AWESOME! Although there were other people onboard with us, we felt like we had the boat to ourselves! The ride was thrilling, the crew was super-nice and our "complimentary beverage" was refreshing (see pic)! We both had locally...continued

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Review from AnnaS
3 events 2 reviews

This cruise was the perfect way to spend a hot, breezy afternoon. The three crew members were very friendly, and there were only about 10-12 passengers, with more than enough room to relax either on deck or in the spacious, well-furnished cabin. I...continued

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Review from 3rdjerseyman
2 events 2 reviews

This is a great way to take a harbor tour. Boat is immaculate and comfortable. It's a recreation of a 20's style yacht like you'd see in an old movie or newsreel. The views are unobstructed and the narration is enough, but not too much. They do...continued

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Review from SJ
3 events 2 reviews

This tour never seems to disappoint - a great way to introduce out-of-towners to NYC without subjecting them to crowded boats or "canned" tour guides

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Review from Goldstar Member
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This was a WONDERFUL experience - the boat was beautiful and decorated for Christmas. The champagne was yummy. Even the staff was amazing, including the extremely informative captain. :) I would take this cruise again when visiting NY!

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Review from Bob
5 events 2 reviews

This was excellent. The boat was just the right size, not too big or too small. It was easy to board and it left on time, the crew was very friendly and the route passed many points of interest..

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Review from chefvchicago
7 events 2 reviews

This was exactly what we wanted. Great boat, great crew, got really close to the statue and had a great tour of the skyline. I highly recommend this cruise.

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Chanel Richardson
Review from Chanel Richardson
2 events 2 reviews

Was great! It was a nice sized boat and the ride was sold out but was not crowded at all- my mom and I spent the first half outside then went inside to sit ! Had a nice glass of wine and enjoyed the sites - the entire crew was very nice and...continued

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Review from Cheeky
4 events 2 reviews

We absolutely loved the Champagne and Statue cruise. The staff were friendly and helpful. The narrative was brief and informative and didn't encroach on our quiet enjoyment of the trip. I highly recommend it.

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Carla F.
Review from Carla F.
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We boarded the yacht at Pier 59 (NOT 61 as ticket may indicate) and were greeted by the Captain Mary Pat and her 2 assistants. There were complimentary peanuts and unlimited non alcoholic beverages. I had wonderful Mango Tea. They gave us a...continued

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Lewis G.
Review from Lewis G.
3 events 2 reviews

We had a fabulous time. The Captain and crew were great, the other passengers were fun, and we were able to spend 90 minutes enjoying the city from the deck of a fabulous boat.

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