Sailing 920
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lynn alvarez
Review from lynn alvarez
32 events 15 reviews

Even gave us blankets to keep warm!
A fantastic evening!!

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Gary Oberdecker
Review from Gary Oberdecker
49 events 15 reviews

Very romantic and just the perfect length of time. The crew was excellent and very friendly. Gary & Marie from Cleveland,Ohio

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Review from Allyson
33 events 14 reviews

This sunset sail was great! It was a little disappointing because it was really overcast, but it was still nice. I would imagine that when it is really nice weather it would be absolutely amazing. The crew was great, the atmosphere was cozy and...continued

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Jane M Schwartz
Review from Jane M Schwartz
50 events 13 reviews

This is such a fantastic way to enjoy the city lights and sunset. It’s so peaceful on the boat. The crew treat us like gold. They are attentive with drinks and hand out snuggly blankets to keep us warm. It’s such a memorable experience.

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Review from grok2
68 events 12 reviews

Despite foreboding weather and dark clouds above the sail went on. Turned into a great sail, weather improved and the gentle cool breeze and the VERY dramatic clouds and sunset made for a perfect evening sail. Captain and crew were great and...continued

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Gregory O.
Review from Gregory O.
33 events 11 reviews

Beautiful, relaxing evening!

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paula christiansen
Review from paula christiansen
42 events 11 reviews

It was amazing, weather was perfect, views were amazing and crew is so friendly and nice.

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Review from sandra
24 events 9 reviews

great outdoor thing to do in the city

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F.C. Cox
Review from F.C. Cox
21 events 9 reviews

OUTSTANDING....just do it!!!

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Review from Wanda
19 events 8 reviews

It was a lovely ride, the crew were helpful and friendly. Everyone had a good time. It was SO relaxing to be one the water with a nice glass of wine and good company.

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Kimberly N.
Review from Kimberly N.
12 events 8 reviews

The boat was gorgeous and the crew terrific but there should be a warning that the sailboat does tilt and list a lot. My boyfriend is really nervous about deep water and this was less of a "cruise" and more of a sail so he was a bit terrified for...continued

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Review from Oksana
27 events 8 reviews

The schooner ride was amazing! Very intimate, but relaxed and not cheesy. The crew was extremely nice and helpful. The views were amazing. I would definitely recommend this as a pre-dinner activity!

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Review from Olga
21 events 7 reviews

I recommend you go in the heat of summer as it gets quite cold and very windy on the water. You'll get a tiny bit of water in your face. Bring extra warm clothing.

Even before we were able to correctly identify the pier, a rep welcomed us, gave...continued

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Steve Anthony Herrera
Review from Steve Anthony Herrera
14 events 7 reviews

It's a great looking sail boat, with a great crew. I was originally a little concerned that it might have been too cold for a sailboat ride, but the fleece blankets and hot apple cider with rum added to the whole cozy experience. Definitely a nice...continued

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Review from Babette
10 events 6 reviews

Glorious! Perfect eve, gorgeous sights. Magnificent views. Captain Peter was clearly experienced and superbly competent. Charming, appropriately chatty, and knowledgeable too. The crew were delightful. Wine, beer, champagne were plentiful. ...continued

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Review from jjoyce
26 events 6 reviews

Such a lovely evening. Great crew and a beautiful night. This is my 2nd time on the Adirondack Schooner and it's such a nice non-touristy event for NYC dwellers. They do not point out buildings, lecture on when bridges were built or...continued

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D Frutkoff
Review from D Frutkoff
14 events 5 reviews

A sunset Cruise on the schooner Adirondack

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Luisa Lyons
Review from Luisa Lyons
18 events 5 reviews

A truly wonderful evening. The staff were lovely, the views gorgeous, and there were just the right amount of people. It gets quite chilly and windy on the water, so dress warmer than you might for the weather on land. We were lucky with the...continued

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Erik Neinstedt
Review from Erik Neinstedt
8 events 5 reviews

Amazing night out. Great date night event. Crew was nice and the view was incredible.

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Review from Renee
45 events 5 reviews

I surprised my boyfriend for his birthday and he loved it, we both did!
The boat is really nice and so are the crew. I would recommend it to everyone!

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