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Review from RedLeila
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This is my second wine tasting cruise on the Manhattan and it was just as much fun with my adult daughter, for a special early Mother's Day celebration, as it was with a date two years ago. It was full but not crowded, the wine expert could always...continued

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Review from RedLeila
35 events 16 reviews

This was at least my third wine tasting cruise on the Manhattan and they just keep getting better. Educational, introduction to new wines, intriguing cheeses, perfect weather, stunning skyline. My colleague and I sat with a couple from New...continued

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Review from Aegina
12 events 7 reviews

Absolutely lovely.... I knew the yacht was stylish and comfortable from a previous trip, but I didn't know that the presentation would be so good. The wine expert was entertaining and informative, the wines themselves were great, and the cheeses...continued

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Review from sjtmd
7 events 6 reviews

Simply put, the wine tasting and cruise made for a poor "pairing". The boat is beautiful. The scenery on this 28 mile journey - including some 30 bridges) was incredible. Lived here my whole life here and never saw the city this way. A little...continued

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Review from Goldstar Member
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My boyfriend and I had a great time at this event. The host was great and seeing Manhattan at night from the water is always a treat.

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Review from cboll
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enjoyed this with friends. was a nice night and the wine person was interesting. a little slow between wines at first. as the evening progressed the group was less interested in the commentary and louder. Good that she was able to get in some info...continued

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Review from Linda
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The boat ride and wine tasting was wonderful... from start to finish. Was a little disappointed we only did the bottom 1/2 of the island (another reviewer had said you went all the way around)... was looking forward to that but perhaps route is...continued

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Review from ying
5 events 3 reviews

The wine tasting was amazing! I was a little skeptical at first because you just never know with these things. But it was a very intimate crowd- about 20 ppl. The wines/cheeses were great and loved the sparkly vino they gave you to welcome you on...continued

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Review from PaigeJohnson
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What a great way to spend an afternoon in NYC. My husband and I chose this cruise to celebrate my 30th birthday, and we had our friends join us. We loved it! The cruise goes all the way around the island! I live in Inwood and I loved being able to...continued

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V Mishkov
Review from V Mishkov
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Wonderful experience! The wines and cheeses went really well together and the hostess was great! Couldn't have had a better time! Will definitely attend another cruise!

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Review from Fran
2 events 2 reviews

The presentation and the wine were very good. I just think they could have added a little more tapas.

You were also able to purchase bottles of wine for $20.00 which was a reasonable price.

I would do it again.


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Review from KatyD
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The wines were delicious with a great variety....from a sparkling Pinot Noir to a Pinot that Wendy had just brought back from Italy. The cheeses were just as good and each were a perfect pairing. It was an evening cruise and the lights of...continued

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Review from brytness
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This was such a pleasant experience. Not only was the wine tasting fun, but I underestimated how spectacular it would be to travel around Manhattan and see the skyline from a new perspective. The wine and tapas were tasty. My only suggestion would...continued

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Review from anitafarquhar
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was a very windy day, but the skipper took us to the other side of the Hudson, where is was much calmer. The staff was great, we had plenty of wine, and the cheeses matched perfectly! Our table had more than enough food, but I noticed some tables...continued

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Review from Goldstar Member
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a great wine tasting cruise around lower manhattan (east river and lady liberty) - fun and excellent crew plus knowledgable and friendly wine expert wendy c.

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Review from Goldstar Member
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Enjoyable. Interesting lecture and pairings of wine/cheese. Nice cruise up and down the Hudson.

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Review from Goldstar Member
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everything was great,the wine,the speaker,the ride around Manhattan,it was an enjoyable day. I would recommend this trip to anyone who would like to learn something different about wine tasting.

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Review from Roger
9 events 1 review

Great tour. Comfortable with good service to enjoy the skyline and harbor of NYC.
And a special bravo to Wendy, the knowledgeable and fun wine tasting guide.

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Review from Kevin
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Highly recommended! Lots of fun and great pairings.

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Jessica Harroche
Review from Jessica Harroche
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Horrible experience. I was with my husband and we were to meet our friends for my birthday celebration. The train ran very late and we ran from the train station to find out they boarded at 642 and left at 645. We were exactly 4 minutes late...continued

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