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Lee Buechele
Review from Lee Buechele
66 events 21 reviews

Wonderful combination of a good story, told mostly in English, in a Puerto Rican setting. Always like seeing talented actors and a skilled director stage and tell an interesting story. See and enjoy it!

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Scott Smith
Review from Scott Smith
31 events 15 reviews

The actors and actresses did a marvelous job. It was an AA+++ performance. Only had 3 hours of sleep the night before and had no problem staying awake and alert. Beautiful job.

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Review from LoveLearning
29 events 12 reviews

What made the experience particularly interesting was the immersion into Puerto Rican culture from terrific food and drink in the lobby, posters of El Morro, paintings in the lobby and in the theater, and even a Puerto Rican flag with a wonderful...continued

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Jeanne Gibson
Review from Jeanne Gibson
12 events 7 reviews

So enjoyed this show, it pulled out so many feelings in such a short time frame. Love my experiences at The New Marietta Theater!

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Karla Hernandez
Review from Karla Hernandez
23 events 6 reviews

What an awesome stage production! I was accompanied by my friend Lydia Vazquez who is from Puerto Rico and we both totally loved it. It was sincere, true to life, funny, sad and it had such a wonderful message that many of us can relate to. The...continued

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Genecy Kelly
Review from Genecy Kelly
42 events 5 reviews

MNTITS is a great venue. This was our first time there. The staff was very friendly and the house has good acoustics. The stage setting had a lot of detail. The play was well done, the actors very talented.

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Elsa Rullan
Review from Elsa Rullan
12 events 5 reviews

This was an enjoyable play from the standpoint of a Puerto Rican woman who moved to the states as a young girl, a "Chigorican". The play captured the essence of growing up Puerto Rican. Accentuated by the many family values and mores I can recall...continued

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Review from Yvonne
13 events 3 reviews

Disfruté completamente. La mujer sentada a mi lado lloró al final de la obra. Fue divertido, triste, pero muy cierto. The play was in English but Spanish was spoken at various times. Was good for non-Spanish speakers while satisfying the...continued

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Isel S
Review from Isel S
4 events 3 reviews

Fun night, with great performances and amazing ambiance. I will continue to support local minority businesses.

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Jacqueline Villa
Review from Jacqueline Villa
7 events 3 reviews

Show and music was great, and overall storyline! Music,drinks and food in the lobby.

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Marga Devlin
Review from Marga Devlin
9 events 2 reviews

I really enjoyed this play. It is nothing fanciful, but a story that is so true to life that I could imagine it happening. The acting was great - true, inspiring, heart-warming. It all made for a delightful evening.

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Review from Mkloson@Gmail.Com
19 events 2 reviews

It was excellent. The acting was really good. They expressed their emotions so well I was almost crying. Wish I understood Spanish as there were a few dialogues in Spanish but you can get the gist of it. Would recommend to friends and...continued

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Larry Rosen
Review from Larry Rosen
5 events 2 reviews

It was terrific. The music, dancing, and food before the show was excellent. Very Lively. My wife and I enjoyed the atmosphere and also enjoyed the show very much. Thanks. Keep up the good work.

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Neena Lal
Review from Neena Lal
40 events 2 reviews

The play was amazing had us all in tears !

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Aneta Moszumanska
Review from Aneta Moszumanska
3 events 2 reviews

The theater was cute and the seats were really good but they play is not great. If you are not Puertorican, you probably won't laugh much.
The acting at first was as if they were trying too hard, it got better later on.
The lady playing Norma was...continued

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Review from RiNew
7 events 1 review

A very heartwarming story. A wonderful theatre. Fantastic and friendly staff. And, a delightful and talented cast!

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Liliana Hernandez
Review from Liliana Hernandez
2 events 1 review

bored, it has a good story but poor performances overall,I didn't stay until the end

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Review from Fetty124
0 events 1 review

Funny, smart, emotional- a perfect family story that anyone could connect with... We all loved it!!

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Review from Theaterlover
5 events 1 review

Great play that only Puerto Ricans can truly appreciate. Funny and poignant - invite all your boricua friends. Show ends this weekend!

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Review from Maribel
1 event 1 review

Great play, with awesome actors and actresses. We had a great time.

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