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Daniel Hong
Review from Daniel Hong
Red Velvet 54 events 19 reviews

very enjoyable sunday afternoon

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John W Boland
Review from John W Boland
134 events 102 reviews

I gave the Hornblower Marina Del Rey Cruise 4 stars because I can easily recommend this cruise/lunch experience. It's a very pleasant way to spend a Sunday, or any day, afternoon. No, it wasn't gourmet food, and the ship didn't travel extremely...continued

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Kristie Shanahan
Review from Kristie Shanahan
190 events 42 reviews

Wonderful way to start a Saturday. Great Food, Great views. live music...we were lucky to have a perfect day (weather wise) too.

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Elliot Monka
Review from Elliot Monka
38 events 25 reviews

Great service, friendly crew, professional. Ship very clean. Food very good, fresh.

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Review from sunquest
32 events 25 reviews

Simply stated......Sumptuous!!

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Abe Mirza
Review from Abe Mirza
26 events 20 reviews

The staff was very pleasnat and attentive. The food provided was pretty good. Continous pouring of drinks was well done.

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Kool Miss
Review from Kool Miss
102 events 16 reviews

Excellent A Five Star Event. The service, food, staff and drinks were excellent.

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Julie Maluccio Dowse
Review from Julie Maluccio Dowse
25 events 15 reviews

Girls day out... greeted by Captain ...escorted to your table... you have to walk up the stairs and down to get to the brunch...Breakfast brunch was very good...all the juice or mimosa/champagne you would like... tip is not included in bill.......continued

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Cynthia S.
Review from Cynthia S.
34 events 12 reviews

The boat was clean and comfortable and the food and service were good; I wouldn't quite rate either as excellent but hey, you're going for the overall experience which was lovely. The crew were all friendly and there is plenty of food and lots of...continued

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Review from Christine
56 events 12 reviews

The food was pretty good (better than I expected). THe service was also very good and our waiter kept the champagne glasses filled. We had a window seat, however, the window was a little high so that seeing out was a little difficult.

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Ellen O.
Review from Ellen O.
51 events 12 reviews

The weather was perfect as was the cruise. It was enjoyable although the food was not the best. The boat takes you from one end of the harbor in Marina Del Rey to the other. Very relaxing!

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Leo Cortez
Review from Leo Cortez
17 events 12 reviews

Very relaxing trip you can't even fell the yacht moving. Brunch was delicious and the champaign all day was awesome. Will definitely do this again.

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Review from layn
25 events 10 reviews

Excellent event! The food was great and the staff and service were outstanding! Highly recommended!

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Review from JA
35 events 10 reviews

In a very enjoyable sunny day it was an appropriate and enjoyable cruise. The staff and crew were very curteous and accommodating, but had to do so many calls and back and forthing to find out how the food was prepared and cooked to be in line...continued

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Christopher Reese
Review from Christopher Reese
24 events 9 reviews

Great date idea, which is what it was for me, but practically any occasion to celebrate, makes this a great time. The weather was perfect, the champagne was always being topped off and you will get more than full off the food and desserts. Not...continued

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sonya stoneham
Review from sonya stoneham
17 events 9 reviews

I have done the hornblower but in San Diego. Before boarding you take a picture. Then you get on the boat. The captain and his crew are their to greet you with a glass of champagne. The boat was nice. It had 2 levels plus deck. The deck was nice....continued

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Nora J.
Review from Nora J.
22 events 9 reviews

My boyfriend and I had a great time. There was plenty to choose from at the buffet and the servers were courteous and quick with the champagne refills. The captain was a lot of fun. We hung out with him in his little booth and he let me steer...continued

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Review from casinobob
22 events 9 reviews

Nice boat ride. Very peaceful out there. Good food. We enjoyed it.

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Debbie Henderson
Review from Debbie Henderson
20 events 9 reviews

The service was amazing!!!
Good food, good service, beautiful day.

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Vivian J. Translateur
Review from Vivian J. Translateur
21 events 8 reviews

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