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Tommy McLoughlin
Review from Tommy McLoughlin
Red Velvet 171 events 44 reviews

Easy to park close to the boat. They validate the 1st 2 hours.
Capt and crew VERY polite and welcoming. Handed a glass of champagne as soon as you board. Service was excellent. The food was very good. Smooth and relaxing cruise. Good DJ for...continued

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Review from Mandee
Red Velvet 224 events 20 reviews

Nice night out on the water.

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Briggette Hook Jones
Review from Briggette Hook Jones
64 events 10 reviews

We were not celebrating any special occassion, we were on a third date, and had a great time!

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Harmonie Bassette
Review from Harmonie Bassette
16 events 10 reviews

When we arrived, they were surprised because we weren't on their list. They had to quickly set up a table for us while we waited outside, which was awkward.
Then, we waited a LONG time for our dinner entrees because we asked for a vegetarian...continued

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Review from Sonia
12 events 8 reviews

A big group is the way to go unfortunately there is always someone who tries to ruin the fun. We were celebrating a bridal shower and some of the other people on board did not appreciate our fun... Overall a good experience

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David Stein
Review from David Stein
11 events 8 reviews

A fun extravagance. (Not profound or adventurous.) On this August eve, only about 25% of the tables were occupied, which made for a somewhat subdued (not too rowdy) atmosphere. Easy to find a quiet corner on the upper deck and watch the sky get...continued

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Review from BERENICE
22 events 8 reviews

Great weather! The crew is wonderful! Had a great evening.

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Garret White
Review from Garret White
12 events 8 reviews

Pricey and not romantic for me at the table. Not bad on a nice night on deck. Two hour cruise around harbor for $120 with discount + 2 drinks each from very limited bar for $22 and suggested tip of $26.95. Parking was $8 with validation. Food...continued

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Review from Terrell
13 events 8 reviews

the dinner cruise was beautiful, even though there was overcast, but still elegant & romantic!

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Daryl Matthews
Review from Daryl Matthews
12 events 7 reviews

GREAT But really too short 8pm til 11:30pm

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Daryl Matthews
Review from Daryl Matthews
12 events 7 reviews

It was really a beautiful surprise just to sit and enjoy the ambience and the music with a special loved one ,A live smooth jazz band or quartet would have really blown my mind still overall it was really a pleasureable event.

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Daryl Matthews
Review from Daryl Matthews
12 events 7 reviews

It was relaxing , exciting and above all it was fun ! Only one thing was the parking policy do not back in !!! $...

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Review from yvette
8 events 6 reviews

The dinner cruise was enjoyable and the food was very good. Going with a big group was definately the way to go.

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Review from Angi
7 events 5 reviews

It was a nice venue. I only wish there weren't the extra charges if you only wanted steak, no salmon. And the charges for soda and apple cider. The music was a little hard to hear as we were seated down by the kitchens instead of on the upper...continued

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Allisson Ramirez
Review from Allisson Ramirez
9 events 5 reviews

It was nice night out with hubby. We were seated in lower level (upper level was nicer), but overall nice evening. My hubby made it great. Surprisingly, the food was good too.

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Nyki Allen
Review from Nyki Allen
9 events 4 reviews

Casual Elegant Fun! It was perfect to celebrate my fiance's birthday. We loved it. We will definitely go back soon.

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Review from Epi
8 events 4 reviews

Everything about the cruise was excellent, the staff was very professional. I would do it again without any hesitation, it's very romantic. The only down side was the food specifically the main course, the steak seemed as if it was reheated in a...continued

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Mary Ann
Review from Mary Ann
9 events 4 reviews

Food and service was great. Lots of fun.

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Review from Carmen
9 events 4 reviews

It was a perfect romantic night out.
Just rememer that alcoholic beverages are not inlcuded and they charge 15% gratuity. It was well worth it!

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Sheryl Tash
Review from Sheryl Tash
32 events 4 reviews

It was really nice! I would go again.

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