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Dr. Shelley Wolland
Review from Dr. Shelley Wolland
70 events 30 reviews

This was a wonderful experience. I recommended it to friends and family and will definitely go next year.

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Ellen Sussman
Review from Ellen Sussman
19 events 6 reviews

It was much better than we expected! It was colorful, unique an abundant. We took our 4 and 7-year old grandchildren who loved it. We spent a couple of hours and then left because of the rain, but could have spent more time there. Very...continued

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Review from E
14 events 4 reviews

Outstanding! Loved it!

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Wanda Carpenter
Review from Wanda Carpenter
2 events 1 review

Absolutely beautiful. A must see!

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Lauren Gardner
Review from Lauren Gardner
1 event 1 review

Beautiful display! My family really enjoyed this event!

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Wesley Dees
Review from Wesley Dees
1 event 1 review

Beautiful evening. Skip the first Chinese acrobat show but see the 8pm for sure!

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Christopher Pistone
Review from Christopher Pistone
2 events 1 review

Beautiful experience ??

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Giacomo Stanghellini
Review from Giacomo Stanghellini
1 event 1 review

I expected more but it's cute. The parking charge of $15 for a one hour thing at night it's a rip off!!

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Anna Astashova
Review from Anna Astashova
1 event 1 review

I loved it!

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Carol Wood
Review from Carol Wood
10 events 1 review

I was not able to go, can I use at a later date?

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Luis Lopez
Review from Luis Lopez
1 event 1 review

It is such a beautiful park and it was fun to be there in the sunset and night hours and see all the animals sleeping. Then add the beautiful lights all around the park and what a great experience. Also if you get there at five there is a 5:30...continued

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Lauren Noon
Review from Lauren Noon
1 event 1 review

It was amazing! I’m so happy I went!

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Nancy Suarez
Review from Nancy Suarez
1 event 1 review

Overpriced; terrible show

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Visnja Milesevic
Review from Visnja Milesevic
1 event 1 review

So beautiful to all senses. The lanterns are a gorgeous work of art and craftsmanship, the staff was helpful and polite, the shows were a lot of fun, the animals were amazing, the food was good and even the smell in the air from the trees and the...continued

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Marta Torres
Review from Marta Torres
2 events 1 review

The Goldstar price you can't beat. The display and shows are worth that and more. Only FYI: Be ready to dish out $20 for parking.

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Miosotis Cervantes
Review from Miosotis Cervantes
1 event 1 review

The place looks magical and the show was a pleasant surprise! Great job

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Christy Camacho
Review from Christy Camacho
1 event 1 review

There are very little to no guidance as to which way to go. It’s a free for all and let’s not mention how rude people are when you are trying to take a photo. The displays were nice but I felt it was limited and not many animals were out for viewing.

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Beth Hirschfeld
Review from Beth Hirschfeld
4 events 1 review

Way better venue than the Chinese lantern festival down in miami when it was at the fairgrounds a couple of years ago! Way more enjoyable, better displays integrated into the facility! Instead of impressive lights in a big field! Nicer amenities...continued

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Lourdes R Nones
Review from Lourdes R Nones
1 event 1 review

We enjoyed the festival but there were not enough signs indicating the 'exit way". More exit signs should be available.

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Dorene Lopez
Review from Dorene Lopez
3 events 1 review

What a magical display. Wonderful event for the whole family or a romantic night. My only complaint -the parking is $15 ! The Jungle Island website says they have parking but never there is a cost or the price. It was still worth it and I would go...continued

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