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Dawn Radecki
Review from Dawn Radecki
7 events 3 reviews

This event was a two hour commercial for a $3800 voice training class. The content focussed entirely on how a person could make money, following their lead. There was no technique or advice about actual voicing within the 2 hours. (There was a...continued

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Review from Harmonytoday
5 events 2 reviews

Great information on the business of voice overs and the plethora of opportunities in the business. I learned alot, got to practice, and excited to get more involved. Presenter was awesome!

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Jon Konopa
Review from Jon Konopa
3 events 2 reviews

The instructor was very knowledgeable and relevant in the industry. Mostly it's a marketing meeting to get students enrolled into their training program.

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Jennifer Fuchs
Review from Jennifer Fuchs
6 events 2 reviews

The talk was interesting and helpful. We all got a chance to record and get feedback as well. It was interesting to see how that process worked and I was impressed at how great we all sounded in these 'commercials' even with only a few minutes...continued

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Cheri Martin
Review from Cheri Martin
5 events 2 reviews

This 3-hour session flew by. It had great content, a lot of group interaction and an opportunity to get feedback from one of the premier Voice Over producers in the country.

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Review from Joyp
7 events 1 review

I used to work for a company called "Brand Toolbox" and all the things I learned there all came flooding back to my frontal lobe. I think I have a unique voice, have done some film and theater acting, but this kind of work might even be a better...continued

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Review from Megan
6 events 1 review

I was led to believe this would be an introduction to voice over work, ie: some training and personalized tips. Instead it was a 2 hour and 40 minute commercial for their voice over training, which costs $3,800.00, which is insane. I can get...continued

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Lisa Gerold
Review from Lisa Gerold
3 events 1 review

It was fun and we got great information about the industry!

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Dennis Neumann
Review from Dennis Neumann
1 event 1 review

Our instructor, John Gallogly, presented a lot of information with a fast-paced and energetic delivery. I came to this event not really knowing exactly what to expect, but I was not disappointed and I left with a lot more information about the...continued

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