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Music Box Theatre
1407 Nicollet Ave. Minneapolis, MN 55403
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Directed By Ryan Lear

Written by Ryan Lear and Matt Spring _

The Extraordinary Terms of Ordinary Life_ is inspired by a vintage life insurance training manual and other depression-era insurance publications found at a garage sale by director Ryan Lear. According to Lear, “the

manual contained a series of training scripts for new salesmen that were written in a language that was bright and cheerful, portraying an attitude that things could only get better, completely oblivious to the catastrophe that loomed only months ahead. They provided a glimpse into the mentality and the optimism of the era and an environment rich for salesmen where all clients are unfailingly optimistic about the future. In short, it sounded a

lot like the years leading up to the current financial crisis. I’m extremely excited to dive into that world with the help of the stellar cast we’ve assembled and the live jazz ensemble that will be bringing us back to that era.”

The new work reinterprets the world of life insurance and an economy on the cusp of collapse by finding new meaning and reasons for the mistakes and actions taken prior to the stock market crash of 1929. The Extraordinary Terms of Ordinary Life tells a playful story about a harsh past while finding humor about the Great Depression during our own Great Recession.

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