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Debbie Matsumura
Review from Debbie Matsumura
Red Velvet 30 events 6 reviews

Loved it!!!

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Review from California
157 events 33 reviews

This is the fifth show I have seen of his and my least favorite. It was less about Debussy and more just a rambling, self-indulgent walking tour of Paris from his memories as a boy. I can't imagine someone who has never been to Paris being able to...continued

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Review from kipellen
47 events 29 reviews

We have seen all of the Hershey Felder shows and loved them all. This one, although it is based on his own story, did not resonate nearly the same way. It was not clear to the audience that it was about him (it was, however, clear to us) and the...continued

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Richard Brabham
Review from Richard Brabham
58 events 28 reviews

Such an artfully presented glimpse into two lives... the set, the dialogue, the music, the projections, the weaving of the story into the two lives-- all was top notch all the way!

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rk wedel
Review from rk wedel
46 events 27 reviews

Show was disappointing after all his other excellent shows. The story line was weak, and I had no empathy toward any part of it.

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Review from michelemelvin
21 events 18 reviews

This was my 3rd or 4th show seeing Hershey Felder become a famous composer, tell their stories and play their music so beautifully! It was an evening of concert and history, creative sets and artistic graphic projections as well as spending time...continued

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Review from cchao
96 events 15 reviews

Hershey Felder is a STAR!!!

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Review from Clovertje
44 events 14 reviews

It is always wonderful to hear Hershey Felder play, and this was no exception. This is a great venue.
I didn't find this show quite as compelling as Felder's performances on Beethoven, Chopin, and Tchaikovsky, but the music was still divine.

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Review from greenberets
121 events 14 reviews

Once again a fabulous Hershey production. Incredible music played by a master storyteller

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Review from Vicky
38 events 12 reviews

Beautiful music. So enjoyed his personal story intertwined with the music.

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rick burgess
Review from rick burgess
38 events 12 reviews

Great show as usual. Well paced and played. I particularly enjoyed the short audience Q+A afterwards.

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Review from Walt
18 events 12 reviews

The show was interesting but I would have preferred less commentary and more music.

And the theater was uncomfortably hot during the performance. The buildings cooling system must have malfunctioned.

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Review from CJM
43 events 12 reviews

We have always loved his shows, but this one was boring. The story was not engaging & hard to follow, as it was difficult to hear what was being said. His piano playing was, as always exquisite. The background effects were excellent, with a...continued

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Review from Lilly
30 events 9 reviews

Earphones to aid in hearing the words spoken produced noisy sound and were uncomfortable to wear.

Heard to follow the narrative.

Music was superb!

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Candace Forest
Review from Candace Forest
11 events 7 reviews

Hershey Felder, by his own admission is a musician/storyteller. He has found a unique way of telling the stories of many of the world's greatest composer/musicians and his approach to Claude Debussy was perhaps the most sophisticated I've seen to...continued

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Bob Cornell
Review from Bob Cornell
52 events 7 reviews

Unfortunately, I had difficulty hearing Felder--I wear hearing aids, but I would have
benefited from having "volume enhancers" that are sometimes available in theaters.

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Review from GerryJ
10 events 6 reviews

Hershey never ceases to amaze with his ability to tell a story as a narrator/actor, and then become the musician he is sharing with us.

I love Debussy, but Hershey's brief historical and musical asides regarding how Debussy developed his...continued

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Margie Bunting
Review from Margie Bunting
17 events 6 reviews

This was my first Hershey Felder show, and I found it transformative. Like Hershey himself, "Clair de Lune" was my mother's favorite classical piece of music. I gained a much better insight into Debussy and his music with this show. And since I...continued

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Lisa Kopyn
Review from Lisa Kopyn
5 events 4 reviews

Hershey Felder has a way to introduce composers to the audience that is informative and very enjoyable. He is an actor/story teller and is an amazing pianist.

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margery schindler
Review from margery schindler
10 events 4 reviews

It was transporting and the audience was transfixed. I will go every year that Hershey Felder performs his magical program.l

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