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Review from askdk
26 events 5 reviews

The show was great. Extremely fun, talented musicians who know how to draw the audience in. I will be back.

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Olivia Logan
Review from Olivia Logan
20 events 4 reviews

Absolutely wild! Loved every minute. Pianists were incredibly talented and very entertaining! Staff was really nice and friendly. I'll definitely be back!

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Review from suriya
15 events 4 reviews

Bad venue, good show. The tickets are for upstairs, which is blocked by the most ill conceived bar rail that blocks, almost completely, your view of the show. The upstairs bartender is unpleasant and skilless, and the staff is rude. The show...continued

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Review from LAW
5 events 4 reviews

Great venue. Went for a Friends Birthday had a Great time.

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Review from eyemd8
8 events 4 reviews

Reserved mezzanine seats were great. The show got old fairly fast due to the more contemporary song requests and the lack of playing requests without big-buck tips

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Review from Joseph
4 events 4 reviews

The non-prepaid walk-in cover charge was $5. So what did I get for paying $10.50 besides a guaranteed seat?

The perfomers were entertaining enough, but apparently require cash tips to play your song. I submitted two without money, and they...continued

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Review from Rosie
36 events 4 reviews

We were assigned seats in the upper floor with no backs , no waittress service when the downstairs was virtually empty. Whe we complained they said they were all sold out even though we bought tickets vvery early. The show was good but we were...continued

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Cathy Morrison
Review from Cathy Morrison
21 events 3 reviews

Great music and lots of laughs,
a fun night out with friends!

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Michael Zuckman
Review from Michael Zuckman
22 events 3 reviews

Had a great time. We were given great seats with our Goldstar tickets. The show was super fun. We had a lot to eat and drink, so this wasn't an inexpensive evening, but we thought it was well worth the money!

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Nyoka Pollard
Review from Nyoka Pollard
44 events 3 reviews

I had a wonderful girls night out. I laughed, cried ( tears of joy), ate good, and sang every song. Will do this again!!

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Mark Kamins
Review from Mark Kamins
7 events 3 reviews

I have been to dueling piano shows in other cities, but this is the best one I've ever been to. The musicians are so talented, playing multiple instruments, with great voices, and a very broad repertoire of tunes. Adding to that is the banter...continued

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Review from tamost
12 events 3 reviews

The show itself was great, we had a lot of fun! We were celebrating a birthday in our group and really enjoyed the entertainment. The food left a little to be desired, portions small and undercooked wings and fries (perhaps requesting crispy or...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
4 events 3 reviews

To be fair, the 20-somethings who were most of the crowd seemed to be having a blast. My friends and I just felt blasted, out of our seats, our hearing, our sanity. We staggered out after an hour and went across the street to Harrigans, where we...continued

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Isaac & Terri
Review from Isaac & Terri
7 events 3 reviews

Wasn't much variety in the songs. Felt like most of the songs were soft rock. Entertaining nonetheless as a music enthusiast. And, band is great. Food was okay.

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Review from Emeraldgem
7 events 3 reviews

While they really pack people in tight, we were lucky enough to enjoy the show from the balcony at a small round table in chairs with backs! Best view in the house. The perfomers in the show were phenomenal!!! We had such a good time singing along...continued

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Susan P.
Review from Susan P.
33 events 2 reviews

Definitely a young crowd - I felt a bit old. Musicians were good, but I was disappointed they never played my request, even though I turned it in with a nice tip.

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Review from LUCI
4 events 2 reviews

Did not enjoy. The staging was not placed in a good location for the entire audfience to see. Would be an easy fix to move the stage more to the left for all to enjoy. The performers could have also used a bit more personality. The first act was...continued

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Review from Lapope623
4 events 2 reviews

Drinks are pricey and liquor seems to be super weak, so we stuck with the beer tower, which is over $40 and holds about 7 cups of beer. The people in attendance were great and friendly and we had a great time overall. We would attend this event...continued

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Review from Brian
4 events 2 reviews

Great piano players. Very entertaining and great musicians. Bar service was good. We will be going back.

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Tina Lasseter Pearce
Review from Tina Lasseter Pearce
9 events 2 reviews

So much fun and extremely impressive. Unbelievable talent by all four of the pianists. Loved the crowd interaction and all around fun night. Look forward to visiting again!

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