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Review from Charlene
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First time seeing it and I will see this show every time they come to town! Worth every penny spent. Loved it so much that my daughter and I are going back to see it again!

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Darrell Hickman
Review from Darrell Hickman
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Great non stop party

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Review from Angie
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great seats!

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Review from Krystal
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Great show!!

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Review from A.S.
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Great time!!

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k brown
Review from k brown
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Great.....had a wonderful time....1 row from the floor.

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Gwynn Holloway
Review from Gwynn Holloway
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Hadn't been in in years, and it was even better than I remembered.

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Tyra Picazo
Review from Tyra Picazo
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Haven't been to any circus in years. It was long over due. How fun to play and get to be back in childhood memories again.

Food ain't cheap. Seats too far to extreme left or right (closer to entrance of performers) will be a poor viewing area...continued

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David Pollard
Review from David Pollard
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I as well as my Family loved the show; better than last year!!

Keep up the good work.

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Sheela Jones
Review from Sheela Jones
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I enjoyed the show just as much as last year. We had great seats, show was very interactive. Unfortunately, it got a little too warm inside the tent. The air flow/a/c could have been regulated better. I do know July 14th weather was very extreme;...continued

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Review from Chevonie
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I had a great time at the Universoul circus. I went with my husband and three children ages 7, 2, and 6 months. we all enjoyed ourselves. Fun for all ages...

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Lisa Thompson
Review from Lisa Thompson
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I have never laughed so hard ! I love that many countries were represented & there was a lot of inter action with the audience ! My brother got his put on the spotlight & since he is bald his head got shined my the midget mascot & the mc, my mom...continued

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Joanne Jennings White
Review from Joanne Jennings White
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I liked it because need more acts less audience participation. I would come back again in the future grands loved it. Something more exciting then the dog act and the elephants. A lot of low income kids didn't get anything because of the expensive...continued

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Review from Mercedes
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I NJOYED this year's show! It's always good seeing all of the stars of the Universal SOUL Circus, hey Zek!

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Lakia Floyd
Review from Lakia Floyd
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I really enjoyed it. Quick tip - make sure to bring extra cash for the pictures taken and elephant rides that is offered inside the tent but during intermission.

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LaTasha Seweje
Review from LaTasha Seweje
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I took my in-laws and husband first timers. They loved it

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Jonetha Lynard
Review from Jonetha Lynard
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I went with my four nieces who absolutely enjoyed the show. I especially enjoyed the interaction with the circus performers. an outstanding performance

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Review from Aprille
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I've been to at least 10 yearly showings of Universoul Circus. This has been the best ever!

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
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It was a Blast!!! Can’t wait to go again!!!

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Review from Joymaria
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It was a different, delightful, fun experience.

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