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Review from natgeo
Red Velvet 252 events 20 reviews

This is a low key, very fun circus!!!

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Lisa Martin
Review from Lisa Martin
Red Velvet 16 events 4 reviews

My nephew loved everything about the circus!! He couldn’t stop talking about it. That’s a lot when your talking about an 11 year old boy who’s usually sitting playing video games. Thank you so much for putting on a show that is so much like what I...continued

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Margaret k
Review from Margaret k
Red Velvet 21 events 4 reviews

Some of the acts were not perfect. Aerial acts were excellent. Not enough costumed clowns for kids. Live Band was very good. Location and set up was convenient. Parking expensive for families.

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Review from Silverla
Red Velvet 29 events 4 reviews

The circus was fantastic. But the parking situation was a fiasco. Beyond National Harbor's rip off parking prices, none the the ticket machines in nearby lots or garages were working. Traffic was backed up for blocks. Both entering and exiting was...continued

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Review from Corby
Red Velvet 67 events 3 reviews

Pretty good show for what we got to see. Got there 15 minutes before Show was supposed to start. Huge security line that took 45 minutes to get through. Only 2 metal detectors for all the people to go through. Not well planned. Get there an hour...continued

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Karla Mor
Review from Karla Mor
109 events 60 reviews

What a wonderful event. The contortionist and the wire walking family were absolutely amazing. All of the performers were great. We enjoyed ourselves so much.

We parked in Alexandria and took the ferry over. We walked from the National Harbor...continued

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Ngan N. Nguyen
Review from Ngan N. Nguyen
32 events 28 reviews

It was very entertaining! The Fabulous Wallendas' aerial seven-man pyramid was spectacular! We also loved the ponies/horses and puppies/dogs.

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Review from Modrocker
29 events 26 reviews

Our toddler loved this show. She's still talking about it.

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Helene Toye
Review from Helene Toye
47 events 20 reviews

It was a very nice family experience at a low price.
Not a perfect show, but that's what I liked about it. The slips and mistakes made it all more real.
We all had a really nice time.

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Review from Cissie
70 events 20 reviews

It was an enjoyable experience, but just didn’t compare to the Ringling Brothers of yesteryear.

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Lauren Kahn
Review from Lauren Kahn
22 events 13 reviews

This is a small circus that concentrates on acrobatics. It would be especially enjoyable for families.

My advice on parking would be to park down the street and not in the lot adjacent to the tent. I parked adjacent to the tent. It took forever...continued

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Carol Blocker
Review from Carol Blocker
30 events 11 reviews

This event may be more suited for kids. As an adult, I didn't find it very entertaining. Parking for the event could be marked more clearly. Tickets are affordable so this is why I gave 3 stars.

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Bryan Petit
Review from Bryan Petit
24 events 9 reviews

Classic. And great fun. Loved the small-town, small-crowd, old-time feel. And the explanation that introduced the horse routine.

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Kim Katzenbarger
Review from Kim Katzenbarger
50 events 9 reviews

The kids really enjoyed the show.

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Review from CP
40 events 8 reviews

I went with three adults. We enjoyed the show. It was great that the performers met with the audience after the show.

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M Simpkins
Review from M Simpkins
21 events 8 reviews

This is a great circus but it is not the amazing circus I saw a few years ago. It could be that the year's theme didn't mesh well with me. My kids had a blast and the location was pretty convenient.

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Lloyd Dugan
Review from Lloyd Dugan
20 events 7 reviews

Usual excellence! Enjoyable by all ages. Goldstar tix were fabulous!!

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Suzanne Tsitsibelis
Review from Suzanne Tsitsibelis
18 events 6 reviews

The Big Apple Circus does not disappoint -- we loved it! Every seat is good and the people (from security to ushers, etc) are super friendly. Highly recommend!

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Review from Brenna
15 events 6 reviews

We have a few Cirque shows under our belt and weren't quite sure what to expect from this smaller, less expensive version. It was fantastic! We saw several feats we had not seen before and if you have little ones the clowns between acts will make...continued

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Sam A. Marks
Review from Sam A. Marks
10 events 5 reviews

What a great show! I've been experiencing circus for 58 years and I can tell you that there were several occasions where I was blown away by things I had not seen before anywhere! The food service, and staff could not have been more helpful. The...continued

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