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Alexandra Vivanco
Review from Alexandra Vivanco
48 events 25 reviews

Intimate theater, cute play, good for the younger kids. I attended with my 13 & 6 year old they both had a good time but the 6 year old enjoyed it more. Cute park around the block and plenty of places to eat in the area.

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Review from iabalki
47 events 21 reviews

This is a Braodaway version for kids. It is Ok for the price - the percussions and the singing is great but be ready for kids talking iver the actors the whole time, crying babies, etc.

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Phyllis Newman
Review from Phyllis Newman
26 events 16 reviews

It was okay.
I thought the show was not really geared for children who do not respond well to the many ballads in the score, I think they would have appreciated more upbeat funny songs.
My grandchildren are six and eight and this also was what...continued

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Julia Caesar
Review from Julia Caesar
23 events 11 reviews

Horrible. Go somewhere else like the Irvington town hall theater where they have authentic family entertainment. This is a venue to push the LGBTQ sexual and political agenda. Cheshire Cat plays a sex hungry lesbian and the Queen of hearts is...continued

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Arielle Shinder
Review from Arielle Shinder
82 events 10 reviews

I wish I had thought to look up more about this show beforehand. It was solely for children and I was miserable for the entire hour, wishing I could sneak out. It is extremely low budget with homemade props. The character of Alice's voice goes...continued

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Lu Ba
Review from Lu Ba
30 events 10 reviews

Interesting musical accompaniment and unusual interpretation of a famous book. Good for kids over 5 as well as older theatergoers.

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Vernalie Panchame
Review from Vernalie Panchame
14 events 10 reviews

My 6 and 9 yr olds loved it! My 9 yr old esp. loved the fact that a male played the Queen of Hearts. We make it a point to tell the kids anything is possible, if you really want it. She felt the actor REally wanted to show he is such a good...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
17 events 10 reviews

Overall the play was fun. I took my 3 kids, ages 7, 13, and 16 and they enjoyed it especially my 7 year-old son. The hat-making workshop was cute. I went yesterday and it was still during the Spring break so the theater was packed. The staff...continued

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Review from NJTraveller
14 events 8 reviews

Really cute little show. Perfect for the younger audience - I would say under 7-8. There were some really small kids (1-2 year olds), but not sure what they could get out of it. The actors were great and very friendly. It was a fun outing.

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Edy DiGiacco Vicente
Review from Edy DiGiacco Vicente
14 events 8 reviews

Unfortunately we miss the show due to a family emergency. I really would like to see this if there is any way I could get a credit that would be wonderful... I gave the 5 STARS to Goldstar for always having very good customer service. .Thank you...continued

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Review from Dandee1124
7 events 7 reviews

I took my daughters, nieces and nephews to this play and they loved it! The costumes were great and the acting was just wonderful. Would def. see again!

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Review from KRod
8 events 7 reviews

Nice time for kids. The queen was amazing in this play and my daughter's favorite character.

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Review from Noemi
10 events 7 reviews

The play itself was entertaining, Alice is wonderful. The "Queen" has an amazing voice. However, the theater is too small and rather uncomfortable. The temperature was also too hot. But, my grandkids enjoyed it.

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Liz Orellana
Review from Liz Orellana
38 events 6 reviews

Entertaining and fun. Its the perfect amount of time to keep young children engaged. My 3 & 4 year olds loved it.

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Radhika Chakravarti
Review from Radhika Chakravarti
16 events 6 reviews

Great fun for the entire family! Really appreciated the intimate venue and the cast posing for pictures after the performance

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Sara Miller
Review from Sara Miller
11 events 5 reviews

I brought my 7 year old granddaughter. They offered her a booster seat and she was grateful. The set was quite bare but serviceable. The band was great but the xylophone player blocked our view of the stage. We both enjoyed the story, Alice...continued

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Nicole Mylan
Review from Nicole Mylan
5 events 5 reviews

This was a great event for children. I took my 2 1/2 year old and he loved it. Towards the end he got a antsy but as soon as they started singing again he was right back. The costumes were really cute and the cast was around to meet afterwards. ...continued

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Melanie E L Bush
Review from Melanie E L Bush
13 events 4 reviews

Could have been a good experience but unfortunately the acoustics were not adequate, and seating was arranged so that we could not see around the heads of the people in front of us.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
6 events 4 reviews

I love this theatre....They are so accommodating and the plays are much larger than the small theatre would suggest. The talent is top notch, the small orchestra is perfectly suited to the room, I enjoyed it and my kids aged 4 and 7 were enchanted.

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Inga Levin
Review from Inga Levin
50 events 4 reviews

My 2 1/2 year old daughter and I had a wonderful time. It was an unique experience. The introduction of a play and music was educational. The project before the show made the day! What a great idea.
The show itself was fantastic! Perfect actress...continued

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