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Review from dancerzheart
Red Velvet 71 events 20 reviews

I left at intermission. This was really not good. Why do shows from London have such outdated choreography? I think everyone is still trying to copy Andrew Lloyd Weber!
I love Meatloaf which is why I saw it but they basically sang his major hits...continued

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Winifred Reed
Review from Winifred Reed
Red Velvet 27 events 14 reviews

The music and preformers were AMAZING!! The main story line was cliche and disjointed.
The secondary storyline was interesting and intensely passionate. The leads of this (2nd) story made me hold my breath, and they brought the lyrics to...continued

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Nicole Kircher
Review from Nicole Kircher
Red Velvet 22 events 3 reviews

Theatre was magnificent. The show was so high energy and the singing was some of the best I have heard. Meatloaf fans should not miss it!

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Mom Dukes
Review from Mom Dukes
121 events 104 reviews

I did not know what to expect but what an AWESOME AWESOME show. The Actors and Actresses were FANTASTIC out of this world GOOD. The singing and dancing was AMAZING the voices were spectacular!!!! I did not want the show to end. BRAVO!!!!

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winston chow
Review from winston chow
76 events 42 reviews

Surprisingly good just a little bit loud, the singing is amassing. two and half hour entertainment rock n roll. Really like the city center.

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Review from kathy
48 events 13 reviews

What a fun time! The music was all Meatloaf and outstanding.

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Ruth Gitto
Review from Ruth Gitto
18 events 9 reviews

Wonderful evening. Excellent performances by the entire caste. Anyone who loves up-beat music and dance will love this.

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Amy Plummer
Review from Amy Plummer
24 events 7 reviews

The show was really fun, lots of confetti cannon action and great singing. I am glad I was able to see it before it closes on 9/8. The male lead is very bowie-esque and I can't wait to see what is next for him.

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Amy G
Review from Amy G
12 events 7 reviews

This is such a great show! Excellent singers and fun choreography and of course all the Meatloaf you can handle. New York City Center is the best venue in NYC...the staff are friendly and helpful, everything is clean, it has a cute little mini bar...continued

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Yoko Suzuki
Review from Yoko Suzuki
17 events 6 reviews

the actor and actress had a amazing singing talent...but that is all. nothing more. i did not recognize any songs. just boring show. presentation and choreography was boring and more like 'what are they doing?' movements. costume was noting...continued

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Mike Pek
Review from Mike Pek
15 events 6 reviews

This may have been the best Gold Star Deal ever! This is a fantastic show. If you’re even a casual fan of the Meatloaf albums, you’ll love every second! The performances are amazing, the staging is innovative and spectacular, and the band is first...continued

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Review from Eileen
20 events 5 reviews

Great show just a little too loud. Beautiful space. Very expensive for cocktails.

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Review from Judy
17 events 5 reviews

My ticket was described as rear balcony, but I was pleasantly surprised to not be in the rear. Good balcony seats considering the amazing discounted price. Thanks Goldstar!

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Review from Pat
52 events 4 reviews

One of the best shows i’ve seen! Rock concert w/ a beautiful story, vocals unbelievably awesome! ?❤️

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Joan O'Farkel
Review from Joan O'Farkel
29 events 4 reviews

Some dopey reviewer wrote derisively that this could be compared to The Rocky Horror Show. How culturally tone-deaf can you be, to say that similarities detracted from the quality of this show. Hahahah. LMFAO. This show was loud and fun. I...continued

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Dina Ortiz
Review from Dina Ortiz
12 events 3 reviews

Amazing❤️ the actors were superb!I had chills from the singing from the moment it started❤️ If you get a chance to see one show this year, this should be it. I'm thinking of going again??

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Jason Braunstein
Review from Jason Braunstein
38 events 3 reviews

Goldstar rules!

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Mary Flores-Pagan
Review from Mary Flores-Pagan
5 events 3 reviews

Sitting in the balconey section was not great, sound was why too loud, and I could not appreciate the singing. Had I been closer it probably would have been a better experience. But I am sorry it have to give it a 3 star.

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Jan Mitchell
Review from Jan Mitchell
34 events 3 reviews

The music was awesome and seats were great!

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Review from suzanne
3 events 3 reviews

The music is uplifting. The dancers are in sync. However, the premise was strange. Some things didn't make sense. I felt it was a combination of Peter Pan and Grease. But.... it was enjoyable. The music and singing is great!
I didn't mind...continued

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