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Review from NEETRA NIXON
45 events 9 reviews

Throughout the years I have heard nothing but great things about the Blue Man Group, so it always was on my bucket list of shows to see. I guess I went in with high expectations. It wasn't a show for Adults it was more geared towards 10-17 yr...continued

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Review from myappledumpling
10 events 8 reviews


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Review from E.J.
23 events 8 reviews


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Review from Radica
80 events 8 reviews

My favorite show thus far!!!! I v seen it twice!!! Simply EXTRAORDINARY!!!!

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Shawn Davis
Review from Shawn Davis
15 events 8 reviews

The show is amazing. Worth every penny.

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Review from lin
18 events 8 reviews

The theatre was a lot smaller than I expected but the show was even better than expected. Lots of belly laughs. We will definitely go again

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Verywell Vera
Review from Verywell Vera
45 events 8 reviews

we enjoyed the show to the point that i wanted to return in the middle of the show to see it again! though the theater is really small and i expected the stage to be bigger-it didn't matter. Awesome performance!!!!!!!!!!

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Low Key
Review from Low Key
11 events 7 reviews

Interactive good time. Child friendly.

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Debbie Wade
Review from Debbie Wade
8 events 7 reviews

very entertaining show with very good seats.

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Kathy A.
Review from Kathy A.
8 events 7 reviews

We attended with a couple who do not speak any English. This was the perfect theater event for them. The show was fantastic and we all enjoyed every minute. Thank you Goldstar for an affordable evening at the theater.
The seats we were assigned...continued

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Gary D.
Review from Gary D.
11 events 6 reviews

A fun show. Went with my son and his girlfriend. We had a ball!

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Denise Vega
Review from Denise Vega
8 events 6 reviews

Amazing! My godchildren (ages 11, 14 and 16) loved every single moment!!!

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Review from LauraLu33
20 events 6 reviews

Everyone, from 5 to 45, loved it!!!

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Review from rockstar
17 events 6 reviews

Great great proformance!! I sat upstairs and the view was good. Lots of audience participation. Not going to say any more as I don't want to spoil the unexpected fun you will enjoy.
You should go and find out for yourself. It's definitely worth it!

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Review from Betsy
26 events 6 reviews

I took my son to see this show for his 10th birthday. My 6 year old also attended. My oldest loved it and laughed, several times. My youngest seemed a bit disinterested. I would suggest buying the poncho tickets. It seems like more of an...continued

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Nemma1 from NYC
Review from Nemma1 from NYC
15 events 6 reviews

I went with my 12 year old grandson and we had a great time. It was very interactive even in our mezzanine seats. We were engaged and laughed a lot.
My only complain was that the seats were cramped and there was virtually no leg room. Perfect...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
9 events 6 reviews

It was a bit difficult to see from the back row. It helped that they used a big jumbo TV so that you can see the show from the first level. Unfortunately, the seats are pretty uncomfortable since they are really tiny and don't provide much leg...continued

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Goldielocks Marie
Review from Goldielocks Marie
19 events 6 reviews

my nieces and i loved the show. A great show for little kids and big kids like me

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Review from LISeal
18 events 6 reviews

The ticket office upgraded us since we had a red velvet trial and the seats were awesome ( at the water line) The group came out to the audience and chose a girl so well done, I thought she was a plant.

My husband, the type to just sit there. or...continued

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Rita Shah
Review from Rita Shah
31 events 6 reviews

This is definitely not your typical Broadway experience. If you are looking for an evening of music and art, this is great in a different format but keep in mind there is no plot here.
The guys are quite talented and that is a def plus.

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