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Rita Shah
Review from Rita Shah
31 events 6 reviews

This is definitely not your typical Broadway experience. If you are looking for an evening of music and art, this is great in a different format but keep in mind there is no plot here.
The guys are quite talented and that is a def plus.

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Review from Kfarg
20 events 6 reviews

We went for my son's birthday. Our tickets were for the last row, but we were still engaged and part of the show.

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Frank Olmeda
Review from Frank Olmeda
44 events 6 reviews

Worth seeing. Very cool show, much better than I expected.

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Review from stella
9 events 5 reviews

Beginning 15min were a bit dull for me, however, THE REST WAS AMAZING... the guys are incredible !!!!! would definitely see it again and again :)

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Andrea Dempsey
Review from Andrea Dempsey
19 events 5 reviews

Fantastic show. So unexpectedly funny and fresh, even if you've seen it before. I enjoyed it for the second time and took my kids this time. I loved seeing their faces and watching them laugh and enjoy the fun and zaniness of the Blue Men and...continued

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Review from danice
8 events 5 reviews

Great show, but I think next time I may be signing up for the red velvet and see how much better our seats were. we were placed on the second level basically the last row. We were the only ones on the row so we were able to move to other seats in...continued

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Brenda Talbot
Review from Brenda Talbot
26 events 5 reviews

Hilarious and fun.

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Review from Randy
7 events 5 reviews

I go for the toilet paper! If you don't know what that means, you really must go. The theater was easy to get to -- half a block from the subway - and the performance was outstanding. What phenomenal musicians and performers. I've see BMG in...continued

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Review from Ana
6 events 5 reviews

I went to the 12:00 pm show and I had good seats. The show was so funny.. We had to wear ponchos. Because we sat in the area where they throw and make a mess with certain foods which was fun :).
I had a great Easter thanks gold star....

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Jeannie Morezzi
Review from Jeannie Morezzi
11 events 5 reviews

It was entertaining. This show was cutting edge when it first came out 20+ years ago, but now there are alot of shows in this genre. I think it needs an update. Still good after all these years.

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Review from Eve
13 events 5 reviews

My family and I enjoyed it. Lots of laughs!

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Review from Renelle
10 events 5 reviews

Overall the show was good. At times it was a little too loud. Great for kids (I took my 6 yo niece and 12 yo son) but the theater left something to be desired. It was extremely small which was a surprise because of the type of show. The seats were...continued

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Carol Goldberg
Review from Carol Goldberg
14 events 5 reviews

The show was terrific! I would suggest when offering tickets, to tell people where the seats are located and the STEPS involved getting to the seats. I was with a person who had a cane and she to climb up many steps and then step down many steps....continued

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Review from Ken
15 events 5 reviews

This show was amazing, the blue man group keep us on our toes all 90 minutes. Great, Great, Great , Great show. Go see this show if you get the chance ypu won't be disappointed!

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Review from regina
11 events 5 reviews

Tickets was in last row/ You should be more specific when are sell the tickets.Not say orchestra / mezzanine. And show itself was stupid/.

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Linette Mathewson
Review from Linette Mathewson
9 events 5 reviews

Venue is small and we were in the last row of mezzanine. We had to sit up and lean against our seats to see the stage for the most of the performance (only reason for my 4 stars). Content and mannerisms of Blue Man Group just laugh-out-loud funny....continued

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Review from Renan
7 events 5 reviews

Very different and very unexpected. It was a good experience. Putting the art into different level. The theater was small and over air-conditioned. It was a little hard to see the stage. But overall I will recommend very much.

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Digo Costa
Review from Digo Costa
16 events 5 reviews

very nice show, very kid oriented.. they are gonna love it!!! i was somehow expecting more, a bigger venue, some segments would take so long without need, and the drums, i thought it would be more part of the show...

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Review from 9173539557
16 events 5 reviews

Was not able to see anything because of the seat selection

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C.S. Lauber
Review from C.S. Lauber
7 events 5 reviews

Went with my 12 year old grandson to Blue Man Group. Both of us had a great time !

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