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Review from TRock
5 events 4 reviews

Absolutely awesome!!!

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Review from anthony
22 events 4 reviews

after all these years in production 'blue man group' is still so entertaining. it's great to see how they've incorporated 21st century technology and humor into the show. a real fun show!

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Review from Moviegoer
13 events 4 reviews

Awesome show! It would be great if we could know where exactly are the seats prior to purchasing. I would have upgraded.

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Maureen W
Review from Maureen W
4 events 4 reviews

bought the tickets for a friend and her daughter ,They loved it!

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Review from Tania
25 events 4 reviews

Brought my 2 boys (13 & 15) along with some out of town friends. Everyone had a blast and enjoyed every single minute of the show. It's interactive, engaging and tons of fun! A must see!

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Leah Farbman
Review from Leah Farbman
6 events 4 reviews

Cozy theater meant we could sit in the back and still feel totally involved! We could easily still see everything perfectly well! Show had great live music, and lots of audience interaction was sooo fun! Lots of very clever bits to allow us to...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
12 events 4 reviews

Fantastic show! Meaningful, and fun.

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Gary Angelo
Review from Gary Angelo
6 events 4 reviews

fun and interactive!!!

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
5 events 4 reviews

Great experience with my kids. I had gone twice when I was single and it did not disappoint.

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Julee patterson
Review from Julee patterson
13 events 4 reviews

Great time.

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Review from sftracey
11 events 4 reviews

Had a great time! Was the first time seeing this so I had no idea what to expect. Great for kids. Our son loved it.

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T. Edwards
Review from T. Edwards
10 events 4 reviews

Had such a great time with my Bestie. Good laughter and wonderful audience participation. Met some nice people there as well.

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Review from Susansara
8 events 4 reviews

Hard to describe Blue Man Group. There is a lot of percussion and performer interaction. Do not expect dialogue between the performers, but you do not need that to know what was going on.

My daughter really loved it. Her fiance thought it was...continued

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Margot Cardenas
Review from Margot Cardenas
4 events 4 reviews

I enjoyed a lot with my family. That was a party show.

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Review from CARMEN
8 events 4 reviews

I really enjoyed it. The Blue Man group are so funny and entertaining. The music was also good. I like that the audience gets to participate, even sitting in the mezzanine. I will tell friends about it and I would like to see it again. Next time I...continued

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Marta Pantoja Hernandez
Review from Marta Pantoja Hernandez
10 events 4 reviews

I went in very excited as I have heard The Blue Man Group have performances that are unexpected and funny. They did not disappoint. However, being in the front row with the Ponchos thought they did not really interact with our section as much as...continued

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Maureen W
Review from Maureen W
4 events 4 reviews

I went with mt 2 teenage daughters, it was a great show! There was comedy, technology, music, and it was interactive! It was a great evening. My 14 year old was not sure at all about the show, but in no time, she was laughing and having a...continued

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M. Inniss
Review from M. Inniss
9 events 4 reviews

informative, imaginative, creative, hilarious
I plan to go again & bring more folks with me.

The seats are tiny though

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Review from Brooklyn
9 events 4 reviews

It was a fun play.

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Review from Dircita2
24 events 4 reviews

Loved it. It was entertaining, interactive, and engaging. I smiled, laughed and was in awe the whole performance. Great seats!

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