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Review from Bonici
5 events 4 reviews

Overall a good experience. We purchased tickets after hearing so much about
the show. We received an okay discount but had seats in the bleed seats which were
very tight. No intermission so you really get to know your neighbor. Long line for...continued

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Wendy Wong
Review from Wendy Wong
8 events 4 reviews

Show was fun and good. Goldstar seats were horrendous though. So cram in the upper balcony that I can't cross my legs without kicking the seat in front of me. I would recommend paying more with a TKTS or other discount option that allow you to...continued

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Review from LeLe
4 events 4 reviews

The show was really nice. It was entertaining and funny; although it was only 90 minutes. I would have liked it to be longer. I only saved $2.50 by purchasing tickets on Goldstar, as they are are $52 at the theatre. I waited a long time for the...continued

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Sue Syvret
Review from Sue Syvret
17 events 4 reviews

This is a very imaginative event, very sensory oriented...it was lots of fun! Appropriate for kids & adults

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Review from Kiki
32 events 4 reviews

This was a fun, entertaining, quirky event-a comical/musical explosion. Expect the unexpected!!!

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Suzanne Barabas-Betts
Review from Suzanne Barabas-Betts
13 events 4 reviews

We had a fantastic time. What fun! We needed to laugh. And laugh we did...a lot!

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Review from Shezzz
10 events 3 reviews

Blue Man Group was very different and a lot of fun. The audience participation was awesome. I definitely recommend this show!!

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Kim Nohilly
Review from Kim Nohilly
11 events 3 reviews

Fun and amazing

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Review from Longnails
12 events 3 reviews

Fun for the whole family.

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Review from aki
11 events 3 reviews

Fun!! It was way better than I had expected. I went to the show with my friends, and all of us laughed a lot!!

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Review from Starwith1r
4 events 3 reviews

Great experience. Lots of fun!

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jordan Stern
Review from jordan Stern
3 events 3 reviews

Great fun. Interactive experience even for people sitting in the balcony. Would have liked to know the location of the seats prior as I would have picked a day with the best available seats. Found ourselves continually shifting our heads to see...continued

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Norlyn M Nuñéz
Review from Norlyn M Nuñéz
30 events 3 reviews

I had a great time!!!

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Review from Moni
10 events 3 reviews

I liked it a lot and would have given it 5 stars, but the volume was too high. It was deafening for my two teenage sons and me. The only other negative is that there is little room between rows. On of my sons is 5'8" and he had to turn his legs to...continued

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Maria Morales
Review from Maria Morales
28 events 3 reviews

I really enjoy this show,the seat were not bad l laught so much. Didn't had no problems problems picking up my tickets. It's greats for kids too trust me they won't get bored. I luv the show these guys were great and very funny.

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Kim Silva
Review from Kim Silva
3 events 3 reviews

It was a little slow to get started. Maybe the crowd was low energy. Not sure. My ten-year-old son was selected to participate so that was fun. The crowd especially loved the rolls of paper coming unraveled, so I wish they did that earlier in the...continued

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Review from Mona
10 events 3 reviews

It was good. I liked it but didn't LOVE it. It was more of a kids' entertainment thing. I have to say that it was a 'clean' kids' idea. There wasn't anything vulgar in it. THAT I loved!!!
The world we live in nowadays has everything out of...continued

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Miriam Veguilla
Review from Miriam Veguilla
23 events 3 reviews

it was not what i expected. it basically a drum act, it ok for kids, there is no leg room in this theatre, so if you are a little tall, you will a little uncomfortable

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Nel rod
Review from Nel rod
11 events 3 reviews

It was ok I love the blue man group but when I saw it in Boston it was way better as the venue was bigger

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Review from Frances
7 events 3 reviews

Loved it. Great audience participation.

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