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Review from Revesz
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19 actors and 18 audience. Excellent first play. Very good second play. I did not understand the last two

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Caesar A. Mendez
Review from Caesar A. Mendez
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Like it’s previous installment this series of short plays was a mixed bag. With only one or two worth the presenting. Next year maybe.

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NYC Mike
Review from NYC Mike
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Overall it was a waste of time. Keep in mind this is as off-off Broadway as you can imagine. It is in the Players Theatre building, but not in the larger Players Theatre. Instead it is in the much smaller (50 seat) Steve & Marie Sgouros Theatre...continued

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Review from rsigona
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I have been to the Players Theater to see Hollow and enjoyed the performance. Sadly, this was not short plays, it was a contest. I felt like I was watching America has Talent.

Therefore, the Players theater should be more explicit with the...continued

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Review from Cassandra
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It's just not Halloween until we've seen at least one slate of BOO! short plays at the Players Theatre. Spooky, funny, witty, horrifying or just plain strange, the short one act plays are always interesting and unexpected. Tickets are a little...continued

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Review from Cassandra
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This has become our annual Halloween tradition. We saw four short plays this time around and we had a very hard time choosing our favorites because they were all very good in their own individual ways.

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Review from Sarfboy
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The skits/shows were either God awful, tolerable, or just lacking in quality entertainment. But it was cheap.

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