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H. Gold
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Red Velvet 662 events 203 reviews

I loved "A Hyacinth in the Mountains"!

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H. Gold
Review from H. Gold
Red Velvet 662 events 203 reviews

We also loved Long Lost John!

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2018 Festival Lineup:

A Hyacinth in the Mountains by Claire Jamison
Arya, a young Yazidi woman from Northern Iraq, escapes ISIS enslavement and finds herself in a refugee camp on Lesbos, grappling with the warped memories of her crippling past. Guided by a social worker through the poetry of Sappho, she journeys on her road to peace and finally acceptance.

Adele’s Way by Dennis Porter​
When his wife Adele commits suicide, Tim retreats to their upcountry home with the remainder of their family to sort out their emotions. He finds himself vigorously defending his wife’s right to take her own life while internally struggling to justify it with his own personal pain and philosophy that embraces a celebration of life.

Bergen by Steven Fechter
Norwegian rock musicians Tor, Hans, Erik, and Inger vow to find a name for their band that reflects America’s collapse, or they’ll disband. While they argue over politics and art, they drink, erotically fantasize, and break into song. An unforeseen event sends the band into a tailspin with accusations of betrayal, drunken confessions, and a shocking act of violence.

Carrots by Katie Combs
Carrots reintroduces young audiences to Beatrix Potter’s classic tale of Peter Rabbit. With witty, modern music, and fun, memorable character interpretations, as well as a glimpse into the author’s childhood, this charming play reimagines this story of curiosity, obedience and family love for a new generation.

Cracked by Rosemary Zibart​
An Israeli-American woman returns to Israel to sit shiva for her father and learns that his Romanian caretaker has run off with his money and maybe with his heart. Nina struggles to figure out what went wrong as she battles with his caretaker over family possessions and with her brother over politics. In this engaging play the myths of family and country are cracked wide open.

Jim’s Room By Albi Gorn
When Maddie meets Beau, there’s an uncanny connection, but the two are unable to pull the trigger on consummating the relationship as Maddie begins to believe she’s the reincarnation of Beau’s twin brother Jim. The relationship takes an unexpected turn and Beau has to decide whether he wants a girlfriend or his brother back.

Long Lost John By Eddie Zareh​
John Lennon was born during a Nazi air raid on London, an omen of things to come as tumultuous events would shape his young life. Abandoned by his father, he’s ripped away from his devoted mother to be raised by an unfeeling aunt. Depressed, he’s saved by a guitar strummer named Paul McCartney and 1950’s Rock ’n Roll.

Nowhere Man by Rob Dames
Harvey and Leon are two of the forgotten people. And Harvey is dying. To ensure that his best friend is not forgotten, Leon hatches an assassination plot. But the unexpected arrival of young Nicky upsets everything. As she begins to unravel Leon’s plan, she tries to convince Harvey to back out. But things become murky when she realizes Leon’s true intent.

Reflux By Carly Brooke Feinman
Moments after saying “I do,” Martha and Bill are handed a map and pushed onto a sailboat toward their happily-ever-after. Not only must they navigate the wide ocean, they also must figure out what sex is before they get there. Unsupervised for the first time in their lives, they question society’s expectations that they’ve been spoonfed since birth.

Starbright By Sean David Robinson​
Grace is an astronomer and a grieving mother of 8-year old Abby. One dark night, Abby appears and makes predictions about the cosmos. Grace’s loving yet frustrated husband Calvin tries to talk sense to her, but it’s Grace who must determine if Abby’s appearance is a sign of dwindling sanity or proof there’s more to the universe than even she understands.

Sunset Village by Michael Presley Bobbitt
After the death of her husband, Edna moves to a central Florida retirement community. She’s drawn into the seedy culture of a senior citizen never neverland where venereal disease rates are the highest in the country and everyone’s trying to outrun the sunset. In the process, Edna has to change or live out the remainder of her years alone.

The Brothers Khan by George Pfirrmann
Brothers Dzhabrail and Rustam, Muslim immigrants to America, have grown apart. While Rustam struggles and has been drawn into a jihadist cell, Dzhabrail has settled in but has lost touch with his religion. When he invites Rustam over to repair the relationship, he accepts, but for a very different reason that threatens to destroy them both.

The Field by Emily Emerson​
The town of Avon is in trouble. With the local furniture plant closing down and hundreds out of work, everyone is in need a miracle. One morning, a mysterious crop circle appears in a cornfield and with it, a series of unexplainable events cause the citizens to confront the question: If miracles do exist, what do you do with one when you get it?

The Reigning Princess of Pop by Craig Donnelly
Shayna Michaels is the biggest pop star in the world. When she exposes her equally famous ex-boyfriend as a sexual miscreant, everything backfires. In the fickle world of social media fame, Shayna faces intense backlash. In the end, she realizes that while her intentions were clear, her message was gray in a world that’s black and white.

Shows run for approximately 60-90 minutes with no intermission.

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