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Jerry Davis
Review from Jerry Davis
Red Velvet 390 events 217 reviews

Up charge of $4.00 was added to check for no apparent reason along with a 20% gratuity when service was poor. The waiter did not return to our table until well into the performance when we no longer wanted to order food. The men's bathroom was...continued

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Review from BigDeb
Red Velvet 39 events 14 reviews

It was fun and hilarious.

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Caesar A. Mendez
Review from Caesar A. Mendez
99 events 63 reviews

It really is one the best Drag shows in NYC.

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Review from aramat16
83 events 41 reviews

This was a really fun events. Lost of laughs here - do yourself a favor and see it!!! Came here on a double date and had a great time

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Jennifer Mohamed
Review from Jennifer Mohamed
86 events 39 reviews

I didn't like the show very much. It was entertaining, but I didn't think anything fit well...it didn't make sense. I was expecting as the description says, "a twist on disney stories", but all it was were the characters starting off singing songs...continued

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Review from DEBBIE
44 events 35 reviews

This show was the best. We laughed throughout the entire show. We will be bringing some of our friends to see the show.
Food was good. Drinks were a little expensive.

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Vanessa R. Knox
Review from Vanessa R. Knox
51 events 30 reviews

I really enjoyed this performance. The drag performers were hilarious and my friend and I laughed the whole time. It was definitely a different spin on Disney. I would go back to another event like this. Only complaint, the venue space a bit...continued

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Miss. Unstoppable
Review from Miss. Unstoppable
32 events 26 reviews

Love this show... they are hilarious

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Alexandra Vivanco
Review from Alexandra Vivanco
48 events 25 reviews

The show was amazing we were laughing from start to finish. They will be back in January and we will return with friends to watch it again. There is a 15 dollar minimum per person. The food was good we did not have any alcoholic beverages....continued

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Rebecca Collins
Review from Rebecca Collins
55 events 25 reviews

This was such a fun and hysterical show! We were a party of five that arrived early and got front row seating. YIKES! HAHA It was actually enjoyable, but would have liked to be a little bit further away from the stage so we didn't see the lip...continued

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Review from Rewjrnyc
66 events 23 reviews

Hilarious! Loved it! Show was better than expected. Food was mediocre, drinks were good (got a large Stella for $8)

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Irina Goldman
Review from Irina Goldman
73 events 22 reviews

There was no box office to get tickets, seating was assigned by hostess upon arrival, service was lacking but the queens worked their wigs off!

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Elizabeth Bee
Review from Elizabeth Bee
25 events 21 reviews

It was pretty good. It was a cabaret-style show, with some extremely talented performers (splits? trained in ballet? awesome!) I thought there would be more of a plot, or more interaction between performers.

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Winifred Reed
Review from Winifred Reed
36 events 20 reviews

How fun it was to see these Disney "ladies" come alive!! I LMAO. The contemporary song and dance was so fun. Please get to this production, trust. You need a little of this in your life.

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Jason B. Schmidt
Review from Jason B. Schmidt
25 events 17 reviews

Amazing! HIlarious! We loved it! Dallas Dubois is a genius! Pixie Aventura murders! Holly Dae's Ariel will drown you. Bootsie LeFaris will cut you with her moves. Go. Now.

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Rich Ledson
Review from Rich Ledson
32 events 17 reviews

I see a lot of Broadway and this is one of the most entertaining nights I have had in a long time! The talent will amaze you! Enjoy this!!

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Rich Ledson
Review from Rich Ledson
32 events 17 reviews

I was a bit dubious on what to expect but the pop-cultures references and out right slapstick was amazingly funny!! My friends who don't drink even had a blast..LOL

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Review from DCSlav
66 events 16 reviews

All drag shows are fun - even bad ones! This show very cleverly weaves Disney tunes with other songs for a great comedy effect. Lots of fun.

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NYC Mike
Review from NYC Mike
24 events 16 reviews

Hilarious! Would definitely go again, even at full price. Guys were funny and musical numbers were catchy. Audio clips from popular movies interjected between classic Disney songs. Some of the craziest mash-ups you have ever heard. Funniest...continued

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Review from Stanley
47 events 16 reviews

Wonderful show, saw this second time and still love every moment of it

reviewed Jan 23 2015 report as inappropriate
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