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Ruth Gibson
Review from Ruth Gibson
11 events 3 reviews

Me my daughter in-law and 2 sisters went to the show. We had a great time. The play was hilarious, colorful and overall delightful. I would recommend all to see it.

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Justin Time
Review from Justin Time
5 events 3 reviews

Performance was GREAT! The ladies were amazing and loved the interaction with the crowd! We were the first ones there so go prime seating and we were the center of attention for the performance.

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Review from Josie
41 events 3 reviews

Show was absolutely amazing! It had me engaged the whole night and the drags are hilarious. Definitely a must see! I was a but disappointed with the good and their overpriced drinks but once the drags came out I didn't even bother eating.

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Review from Brooke
21 events 3 reviews

Such a fun time!

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Review from fiftiesfan@yahoo.com
3 events 3 reviews

The 4 actors were extremely talented and the material was very funny. The costumes were excellent. The music, however, was a bit too loud causing distortion with the speakers. I would be happy to see the show again in the future.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
4 events 3 reviews

Very funny and extremely entertaining. You do not need to be familiar with all the Disney characters to enjoy it

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Cheryl Foxman-fruchter
Review from Cheryl Foxman-fruchter
9 events 3 reviews

Was lots of fun , very entertaining !

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Jose Ramos
Review from Jose Ramos
4 events 3 reviews

Wonderful cast they make the audience feel good and urging to participate with their Comments. I have to see it again.

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Nelly Nemirovskaya
Review from Nelly Nemirovskaya
2 events 2 reviews

Absolutely loved this performance! I would highly recommend everyone to go and I plan to attend the upcoming Dallas Dubois events!

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Christina Isaksen
Review from Christina Isaksen
11 events 2 reviews

Amazing show! The queens put on a stellar show, and as long as you go in wanting to great time, you will!

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Cristy Gonzalez
Review from Cristy Gonzalez
5 events 2 reviews

As much as I loved their take on Disney characters, I realized that I can't ever sit to the front of a drag show. It makes you an easy target. The drag who played Jazmin was singing a song about black girls with big butts and then threw the word...continued

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Debra campise
Review from Debra campise
6 events 2 reviews

Best night out in a long time. The show was amazing. Could not stop laughing! Going back with all the girls to see Distoted Divas now

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Review from x911x
59 events 2 reviews

Great show! Laughed from start to finish

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Rosemary Rodriguez
Review from Rosemary Rodriguez
6 events 2 reviews

Great show! Would definitely watch it again.

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Angela Borst
Review from Angela Borst
19 events 2 reviews

Great show! This is literally my 4th time going and trust me, it does not disappoint! These ladies are so passionate and talented and look gorgeous!

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Angela Colombo
Review from Angela Colombo
5 events 2 reviews

Great show, worth every penny....tons of laughs!!! And the drinks are really well priced!!!

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Review from jlmc79
15 events 2 reviews

Hilarious ! I will definately be making a second trip here !

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Maryann Rodriguez
Review from Maryann Rodriguez
30 events 2 reviews

Hilariously entertaining

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Hilda Lopez
Review from Hilda Lopez
5 events 2 reviews

I brought my brother who was visiting from California. I didn't know what he would think of the show. We both laughed so hard. This show is amazingly funny. So much talent!

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
4 events 2 reviews

I took a straight guy to this show for date night and he loved it. It was hilarity from start to finish. Wished for more menu options but the food and drinks they did serve were great. Overall awesome time.

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