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Devin Arroyo
Review from Devin Arroyo
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Distorted Diznee was fantastic! Full of great laughs and very entertaining. Everyone in the theatre had a great time. Thank you for the memorable experience!

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Review from Glamdollsel
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Distorted Diznee was amazing! I had a wonderful time and really enjoyed the show. The performers were exceptionally stunning & funny. With that said the food wasn't great at all. I ordered the calamari and macaroni & cheese. The calamari...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
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Fantastically hilarious.

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Margie Franco
Review from Margie Franco
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Fricking Fabulous. Had the time of my life. So professional. Love it.

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Mary Skelton
Review from Mary Skelton
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Girls weekend in NYC. This was the most hysterical and completely insane night of entertainment. The Dizney princesses are gorgeous and cleverly transition from Disney songs to other dialog or popular tunes. The crowd goes wild for each gram...continued

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Wendy stolz
Review from Wendy stolz
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Good entertainment and good food.

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Mello Knee
Review from Mello Knee
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Got there early so we got prime seating and enjoyed every minute of this campy production. They played with/to the audience and they certainly had our attention. Can't wait to go back with a new group of friends and see what's the same/different.

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Ed Romero
Review from Ed Romero
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Great performers. But sometimes the music overlay was not clear.

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Review from Frida
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Great show!

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Maria J Almanzar
Review from Maria J Almanzar
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Had a fabulous time! The performers are super talented and GORGEOUS!!! The girls and I enjoyed it immensely! Would see it again and again.

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Review from rudybaron
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Had a great time!

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William Ragatz
Review from William Ragatz
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Haven't laughed that hard in a long time!

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Sherri 'Switz' Mikus
Review from Sherri 'Switz' Mikus
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Lesli A.
Review from Lesli A.
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Aliza Enker
Review from Aliza Enker
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Hilarious, raunchy, and wonderful. These extremely talented queens kept my friend and I laughing and mesmerized all evening.

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Review from David
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Hysterical!!! All four ladies brought it. High energy, funny takes on Disney songs, with some added bonuses. It is definitely worth watching if you like drag queens.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
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I absolutely loved it, kept me entertained and laughing from beginning to end. The actors engaged the audience throughout the performance. Already planning on going back to see it again. Distorted Diznee is definitely a must see.

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Review from Karen
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I enjoyed it, definitely going back.

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Ilyssa Silfen
Review from Ilyssa Silfen
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I had been meaning to see the Distorted Diznee show for years but never got the chance until this last Friday. I had a BLAST--my cheeks were sore from laughing before they'd even gotten to the third act. I can't wait to go back!

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Carmel Lynn
Review from Carmel Lynn
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I haven't laughed that hard in years! Thank you so much!

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