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T. Braddox
Review from T. Braddox
Red Velvet 104 events 31 reviews


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Ed Chubin
Review from Ed Chubin
Red Velvet 20 events 11 reviews

Nice show in a small very conveniently located theater in SOHO. Very funny humor wrapped in a dark tragedy.

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Nicole Kircher
Review from Nicole Kircher
Red Velvet 40 events 5 reviews

We are avid theatre goers but had never been to this theatre before. The venue was easy to get to and the staff was so friendly and inviting. The actors, there were only two, were incredibly good. The actress played multiple parts and was...continued

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Mom Dukes
Review from Mom Dukes
129 events 109 reviews

Awesome, Awesome, Awesome a 2 person cast simply Awesome! Bravo and must see!

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winston chow
Review from winston chow
79 events 46 reviews

Two very talented actors showing their stuff. enjoyable.

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Review from AK
61 events 23 reviews

Action packed and fast paced . . . only 2 people in play but they infused a number of characters (other than their main) into it . . .

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Review from BlankCanvas
35 events 12 reviews

Great show and fantastic actors! Amazing how smart props and two actors can leave you feeling like you just saw a big production done by a full cast and crew! They have to be exhausted after every performance because they put an incredible...continued

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Review from Smc
35 events 11 reviews

Truly delightful theater. Super talented actors...the two person cast wrote and directed as well! Inventive and exciting theater that so much can be done without the razzle dazzle of Broadway. Absolutely HIGHLY recommended. Don't miss this!

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Charlene Albarran
Review from Charlene Albarran
22 events 6 reviews

Outstanding performance. Very talented actors. Both gave a top performance.
I enjoyed it very much and would highly recommend it.

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Review from Goldie
11 events 5 reviews

Good Play!

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Review from Leslie
9 events 5 reviews

Innovative adaptation. Kept my complete attention throughout.

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Rose-Alma Lamoureux
Review from Rose-Alma Lamoureux
19 events 4 reviews

Fantastic interpretation of a classic story. It was funny, engaging, fascinating, and slightly horrific. All of the characters were fully fleshed out and interesting. A tour de force of serious acting chops and extremely well crafted scenery. ...continued

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Review from Pat
52 events 4 reviews

High energy, two great performers.

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Kristina Amidi
Review from Kristina Amidi
81 events 3 reviews

Great performance

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Juliana V. Atinaja
Review from Juliana V. Atinaja
17 events 3 reviews

Highly entertaining. Must see.

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Review from AAndrle
71 events 3 reviews

It's an excellent show in all respects. The actors were phenomenal; the staging, set and direction was superb. There was never a lull or dull moment. I loved every minute of it!

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Marc Cohen
Review from Marc Cohen
6 events 2 reviews

Enjoyed this show. Lots of energy by the 2 actors.
Well worth seeing!

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Nikki Nicole
Review from Nikki Nicole
51 events 2 reviews

The acting was amazing. It kept you engaged the entire time.

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Review from JR
1 event 1 review

Loved the show....
Very impressed

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James Moore
Review from James Moore
7 events 1 review

play was stopped due water leaking on stage. Manager stated we could replacement tickets by going on line. I have not seen the site to get my replacement tickets please email my new tickets so I can see the remainder of the show.

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