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H. Gold
Review from H. Gold
Red Velvet 690 events 217 reviews

Deni Yang is an amazing bubble artist but is just as amazing when he brings kids on stage: they feel very at home with him and have a lot of fun!! Highest recommendations for families!!

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Review from KnightinNYC
Red Velvet 137 events 51 reviews

The kids will lI've the experience. Although just my wife and I went, I could see this as a great birthday party activity for children. Extremely engaging with audience.

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Susan Krone
Review from Susan Krone
Red Velvet 59 events 42 reviews

Good bubble ticks, especially for children or children at heart.
Great light show at the end.

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Review from dancerzheart
Red Velvet 61 events 19 reviews

good seats but more for a under 12 crowd I think. If you really want your child to have a great expcenter erince get seats in first 2 rows. Very interactive and entertaining. We were on the sides but all seats are good. Fun and get a picture you...continued

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The Show
Review from The Show
Red Velvet 95 events 14 reviews

Had a blast with the kids.

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Adeline Chung-Feder
Review from Adeline Chung-Feder
Red Velvet 68 events 13 reviews

For kids under 8 it is a GREAT show. They love it. I brought my 13 and 4 yo, the 13 yo likes it but the 4 yo LOVED it. The show is short! only an hour long so great for the short attention span of the little ones. The ticket price is a little...continued

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Review from Elina
Red Velvet 75 events 8 reviews

I took my 2 year old child to see the show and he loved it. He set through the show in a mesmerized state and he loved popping the bubbles when they were released into the audience. The theater is rather small so all the seating was great pretty...continued

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Review from Angie
Red Velvet 11 events 3 reviews

wonderful experience for the entire family.

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karen hartig
Review from karen hartig
191 events 69 reviews

For all ages

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Review from aslsiouxz
94 events 50 reviews

LOTS of bubbles, good for up to about 12 years old, we took 2 kids age 12 and they enjoyed it. Quality performance

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Denise Galon
Review from Denise Galon
115 events 43 reviews

Definitely a kids show. I really don't like being around kids, but they were okay. The parents were hard to deal with in the audience. Constantly talking, pushing their kids, getting up and down. It is the theatre after all. Parents behavior...continued

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Review from Maria
102 events 32 reviews

A show that reminds you that magic does happen!

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Review from Arlan
56 events 28 reviews

Great show for kids...took the grandchildren and they loved it.

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Review from Arlan
56 events 28 reviews

Love it...great show...especially for children.

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Jimmy Lai
Review from Jimmy Lai
31 events 24 reviews

Took my two boys, ages 7 and 11 and they both loved the show. It was very entertaining and the theatre is small enough so that every seat has a great view of the stage. Would highly recommend for young kids!!!

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Peter Simonetti
Review from Peter Simonetti
49 events 21 reviews

Lot's of fun but mainly for the kids. The kids in the audience were loving it. Lot's of giveaways if they are picked to go on the stage.

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Taniusha Papusha
Review from Taniusha Papusha
23 events 16 reviews

Felt as a child! Wonderful!

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Review from nicole
32 events 15 reviews

it was four adults from ages 18-67 and we all had a ball..we had the seats to the side but that didn't stop the bubbles from reaching us...it filled up the whole room...i will tell everyone to go and take your kids

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robert imperato
Review from robert imperato
69 events 14 reviews

great fun for 4 year olds!

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Review from Shayana
33 events 14 reviews

Great show ! It’s my second time watching this show! My relatives were visiting NY so I thought this was be a great experience for them! After watching the show, I again went with my companion ! He enjoyed it too! The kid will come out in you -...continued

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