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Review from dancerzheart
Red Velvet 92 events 21 reviews

I took my 12 year old nephew to this and at first he was hesitant becasue of the venue.
He is used to a stage and audience seating not caberet style seating like this. The feeling of the venue was bar/cocktail/caberet night club like a comedy...continued

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Review from aslsiouxz
100 events 57 reviews

Really friendly host, only 6 of us in the audience- 3 moms and 3 middle-schoolers. so we got a really up close and personal performance, that everyone participated in. Highly recommend.

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Angela Wilburn
Review from Angela Wilburn
78 events 31 reviews

The staff were very kid-friendly! My grandchildren had lots of fun and are still talking about their experience. Almost all who wanted to participate had the opportunity to.

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Review from Me
140 events 27 reviews

Some parts were funny for me as an adult, a few more were funny for the children themselves, but after paying the Goldstar fee ($5/ ticket), which is the same as the discount ticket price ($5/ ticket), when we arrived, they said "1 drink...continued

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Miss. Unstoppable
Review from Miss. Unstoppable
32 events 26 reviews

hi I didn't go to this event, can i still use this voucher? please a little help.
thank you

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Pete K
Review from Pete K
59 events 21 reviews

Funny, clever, and kids will like it. Something diff to do with kids and depending on your child it can be fun to get onstage. If you have really shy kids they might not enjoy as well.

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Joe DeCandido
Review from Joe DeCandido
33 events 19 reviews

11 yr. old and 8 yr. old LOVED IT! They were belly-laughing. Much went over the head of the 5 year old, though it kept her entertained. The 87yr. old loved watching the faces and laughs of her great grandkids. $15 minimum per person, including...continued

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Review from Josie
45 events 19 reviews

It was a small and intimate show, but my kid really have a great time. The performers were very talented. My son loved it when they sang about him splitting his pants in school. But he was disappointed when they did not serve food.

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22 events 18 reviews

It was great, my grandson was chosen to go on stage, he loved it.

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Yamaira Montero Maldonado
Review from Yamaira Montero Maldonado
18 events 13 reviews

Kids had fun but having to pay for more overpriced drinks is ridiculous. The first time I attended this event with my child we where not obligated to buy a drink.

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Yamaira Montero Maldonado
Review from Yamaira Montero Maldonado
18 events 13 reviews

Me and my son had an maxing time, something we would do again and my son is 14. The place is not so big but the people are amazing.

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Yamaira Montero Maldonado
Review from Yamaira Montero Maldonado
18 events 13 reviews

The kids had an amazing time but the drinks were overpriced as well as the water and thought the kids would love to go again but having to pay for parking lot and over price drinks I don't think I will go again.

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Joanne Kalfas
Review from Joanne Kalfas
26 events 11 reviews

There were some skits that caught the attention of my 13 and 16 year olds. Others were a bit labored. The MC, in an effort to be excited and get the kids excited, seemed rushed to me. He just talked too fast to do justice to what he was saying....continued

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Review from Freedean
27 events 10 reviews

Great show for kids and adults alike. Similar to format of Whose Line is it Anyway? Performers were hilarious. Note that no food is served at Saturday afternoon performances -- drinks only. Venue is small (Broadway Comedy Club) so there are no bad...continued

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Review from Cathy
31 events 10 reviews

We loved the show. It was so much fun. On a side note, I think you could recommend the show to ages 7 and up for a better fun within the audience.

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Review from dfish
21 events 10 reviews

We took our daughters ages 14 and 12... and we all had a great time. We laughed throughout the entire show. The cast really tries hard to get every child involved. It was a great family show and a very inexpensive event.

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Carlos Espejo
Review from Carlos Espejo
21 events 9 reviews

Great funny times for the kids

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Ms. Laura
Review from Ms. Laura
22 events 9 reviews

The show was great a lot of audience participation but the drinks are very pricey. Most drinks at adult comedy shows aren't that much. It didn't ruin the afternoon but they should the drink minimum in their ad.

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Connie Hickson
Review from Connie Hickson
28 events 9 reviews

The venue was small and very personal. We took 5 kids and they all loved it. My daughter and I enjoyed it as well. The actors interacted with all of the kids and they even went up on stage. The kids are still talking about this litte...continued

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Review from Marie
12 events 9 reviews

Took my grand kids to this event. They enjoyed it. I , also enjoyed it. The one thing I had a problem with was having to purchase food or drinks. I wish I knew ahead of time that there was a menu. We had lunch before we arrived. 1 order of...continued

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